Saturday, March 6, 2010

Nature Girl

Now that Sora is walking more and spending less time on the ground, and now that it's spring time in Seattle, we've been spending a lot more time outside. It's been challenging to my innate sense of cleanliness, but Sora loves it!

Sora has gotten to roam around Kyle's work a few times lately and loves it! She's going to follow after her mom and dad and be into recreation (or at least for now).

She loves to pick up sticks and rocks and has been relatively good about not putting them in her mouth.

Here she is running down our driveway. She's been practicing this lately and has gotten pretty good at it!

This plant seems to be her favorite plant in our yard. Who can blame her - just look at those flowers!

Last summer, Sora was still immobile, so now that it's warm out, a whole new world is opening up to her (and us)!

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