Monday, March 22, 2010

Perfect Monday

I stayed home today to play with Sora since Kyle had to work extra this week. It has been such an amazing day so far that I had to share! We played happily at home this morning, then took a bus to Cafe O Play for a meet up with some other babies and mommies. We've been there before, but this time, we just played in the back room with the kids from our meet up (which is good because it was super crowded out there!). Sora had fun and was a funny, happy baby even when older kids tried to take her toys or hit her. One older girl seemed to have it out for Sora, but Sora took it all in stride. We took the bus home and Sora just went down for her nap. Not one tear all day (so far)! Those days are the best!

In other happy news, Sora also LOVED the aquarium yesterday. Again, no pictures, but she had fun chasing after the other babies we went with and loved climbing all over everything. I'm sure she only saw about half of the animal, but she seemed to enjoy what she did see and even got to touch her first starfish!

I'm so happy that my fun, go-anywhere baby is back and the temperamental teething baby is gone (at least for the time being). Days like today remind me why it's so great to be a mom!

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