Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Sea of Blue

This is what 1.3 yards of blue fabric and about 3 evenings and nap times of sewing equals in our house:This dress has a lot of room to grow in, but is one of her first tomboy dress.

This was near the end of our photo shoot, and Sora was trying to hide from the camera.

And a skirt for mama.

Look for a post on what a yard of green fabric equals soon (in about 3 more evenings and nap times.... I'm waiting for a little more inspiration first though).

Monday, April 26, 2010

Video Queen

Insert Clever Title Here

Although our lives are packed with fun and writing about them is easy, coming up with clever titles is a lot of pressure! It's like coming up with a new clever facebook status - you want to look witty and smart but don't have much to say.

While looking at what keywords bring people to our blog from google (apparently no one has Binged us), clever titles have had people who are looking for "people born with gills" or "little girl who weighs 500 lbs" reading our blog. I'm sure they are disappointed to find that Sora was not truly born with gills, and only weighs 500 lbs on the sun. It makes me feel that my clever titles really are appreciated. Mission accomplished.

Pacific Science Center Part 12

I was happy to have a weekday off with Sora today. I thought it would be good to get out of the house. I decided to use my free pass into the fun world of the Science Center to entertain Sora and get some fun pics. You might notice the super cool new shirt and pants she is rocking. These were part of the new wardrobe she got this weekend. My favorite outfit and I think she looks great. She was tons of fun and we got to visit Maleah and try and keep her from getting anything done. Sora loved playing in the water table and unlike the past times did not try and steal other kids toys.

Enjoy the great pics. I will be adding some Videos soon as well. Also from the Team Mcpherson health department Sora was officially weighed by the doctor today at 20.5 Pounds.


Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Word

As you might know, Sora's vocabulary is pretty limited right now. She can say hi and bye and wave for both and also says dada (but pretty indiscriminately). She can point and get her needs across, but talking or signing is not a huge priority for her right now. She does LOVE to say hi and bye and wave and does it every chance she gets (quite often for absolutely no other reason than the fact that she loves to do it).

A few days ago, she finally started signing a new sign (her first sign, unless you count waving and pointing which I guess are technically signs). She now signs "milk" very distinctively. It's clear she knows exactly what it means, since she does it as a response to a question (like "do you want to nurse?") as well as doing it while tugging at my shirt. It's a great signal to see that she's understanding and learning new words.

If you have seen how often she says "hi", you will see the only downside to her new word.

An Edmonds Kind of Day: Take 2

Kyle and I both had all day off today, so we decided to take a day trip to Edmonds. It turned out to be a gorgeous day, and we had a great time! We have taken Sora to Edmonds before, but had never gone down to the water front. We explored the beach today, and Sora loved it! We also stumbled upon an underwater diving park - what a fun idea! Now if only we knew how to Scuba dive...Sora showing the world of Edmonds her belly button.

The shirt I alluded to in my Earth day post is finally finished! My mom and I used to have matching sweaters, but hers got a whole in it. Her loss was Sora's gain and I finished her sweater this morning before our trip. It's still a little big, but it's adorable, and everyone knows how much I love mother-daughter matching!

While exploring the beach, we found some ladybugs! It's really hard to tell in this picture, but there is a tiny ladybug on Sora's hand that she's pointing to. There were some brief moments that I feared for its life, but overall Sora was very gentle with it. It is so amazing to see her discover the world around her and experience things that we take for granted with such awe and wonder.

Sora making me laugh. This is a common sight lately as she is becoming quite the comedienne. She's definitely an entertainer like her father!

After our Edmonds adventure, we took a long drive to Southcenter so that Sora could sleep and we could update our wardrobes. I found a killer sale at a consignment store, which is ironic because on our drive down we were talking about the true cost of cheap clothing and the environmental, social and economic impacts of our "cheap" choices on others. I was feeling bad because we all really want new clothes at our house, but I can only afford those cheap options (H&M and Old Navy were top on my list of stores to visit). At least by buying used clothes I can feel a little better about my choices.

We finished our day with a trip to one of our favorite pizza places at Green Lake and a night cap at Chocolati. A great end to a great day!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Happy Earth Day

At work every year, there is always an organized work party to celebrate Earth day. Since I'm not really a dirty kind of woman, I've decided to celebrate with a good clothing refashioning. My co-worker, Haley, had a shirt that she was complaining about needing to throw away because of some unfortunate holes. I talked her into giving it to me instead and was able to turn it into this dress for Sora. It's pretty light weight and a little big, but it should be perfect for this summer!
Now if only I could get her to sit still for a picture! I also have been working on some other fun refashions of a sweater and pants that were both headed for the landfill - Earth: look how much I love you!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Random Seattle Weekend

Each weekend with Sora is more entertaining than the last. She is developing such a personality that it is fun to see what she'll do next. This weekend, Kyle and I both had to work for a few hours on Saturday, so Kyle's sister's family came down to spend the day with Sora. She and Dylan are so cute together! It's nice to see them getting bigger and eventually playing together.

On Sunday, we took advantage of the nice weather and did some work outside. Sora loved playing in the garden and wasn't afraid to put things in her mouth! She also didn't scream when she saw the foot long earthworm like I did either. With her love of the outdoors and getting dirty, we will be putting sand in our sandbox any day now.

Sora took a 3.5 hour nap on Sunday, so when she woke up she was super happy. We went over to Jace and Jess', who are expecting their first baby in just under a month. Sora showed them everything in their house that wasn't babyproofed. It was also my first chance to finally use the portable high chair I made her (see how it straps her to her chair?).

The weekend was way too short, but at least it was good!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Future Librarian

Sora has recently learned to sit and read a book with mom. She is constantly picking books for us to read to her and it is very fun.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

14 Month old Fun

Sora is developing into a very bold little girl. As a fourteen month old she has been constantly trying new ways of playing. She is learning that she can interact with her environment more and more. She is exhausting to keep up with but constantly blowing our minds with her learning and fun. As always fatherhood just keeps rocking. Watching this little lady grow up is pretty darn amazing. Thank you all for such a fun ride.

Sora in her new favorite chair. This was Poppa Barneycastle's chair when he was little.
Playing in a huge box with cousin Dylan.
My beautiful Ladies together.
Exploring the garbage at uncle Adam and aunt Amy's house.

Riding the chicken that dad and Aunt Kami grew up riding.
Gotta stay hydrated when you are playing hard.
MMMMMM stew.
Look my cool new watch, thanks Grandma Debra.
Sora loved the chair so much we brought back to our house were she can play in it all day.


The little Gymnast

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

14 Months

Sora is officially 14 months old today! She is turning into such a little girl and she is less of a baby everyday! Although that makes me a little sad, it also makes me excited to learn more about the person she's becoming. How much Kyle v. Maleah will there be in her personality? How much of each grandparent? How much that is 100% uniquely Sora? When will she start saying, "I'm only 10" in the whiniest of voices?

Here's what she's been up to lately:
  • Sora is no longer drinking from a bottle. We used up all of the frozen milk a few weeks ago, and she's on a strictly water liquid diet when I'm not around. She still loves to nurse (as evidenced by how long she cried last night because I was 3 hours late from work).
  • Sora is funny! She loves to play games: hide and seek, the repetition game (where she does the same thing over and over), the I-want-to-do-it-myself game, and of course the cry-until-momma-gets home game (hopefully it was just that once!).
  • Sora makes the greatest faces! It's fun to read her expressions and determine what she's thinking: is she happy, proud, frustrated, snuggly, etc.
  • Sora is getting better at communicating her needs. She still says very few words (hi and dad being among them), but she makes great gestures which can mean: I'm hungry, I want to be held, I want to play the game where you hold be but I really can't make up my mind if I want to be held, I want what's in your hand, your food looks and tastes better than mine, and I'm bored - hold me, but don't sit down!
  • Her diet is super varied. There's nothing so far that she's had a reaction to, but there are definitely things that she likes and doesn't like. So far, she's a meat and potatoes kind of girl who will also tolerate a variety of veggies (but not a fan of asparagus unless you include just chewing and spitting out, or leafy greens, or avocado). She's a little pickier about her fruit, but has great taste: berries, bananas, and watermelon make the cut. And of course, she loves protein like tofu, eggs, and cheese.
  • Even more fun than eating: throwing food on the floor after chewing for a while and looking over very pensively.
  • She's still a cloth diapered kid, but since she's so small, she's still in medium covers. She should be outgrowing them any day!
  • Speaking of her size, she is wearing 6-12 mo and 9-12 mo clothes still as well. A few 18 mo things have made it into her wardrobe, but they are still too big for the most part. Plus, I want to get all of the wear out of the smaller size that I can!
  • She is still wearing size 3 shoes. They are starting to get small, but size 4 seems SO big still! I wish 3.5 was a more common size!
Okay, I think that's about all that's going on with her right now. She's a ton of fun to be around (even when she's not herself) and if you haven't seen her in a while, I'd highly encourage it (before she becomes a teenager and won't talk to anyone)!

You'd Think I'd Know Better...

Sora is finally getting better from her cold (which is good because she went to play with her friend Diesel today and I don't want him to catch her sickness)! Why is it that every time she's sick, we all get sick? Is there any fool-proof method to stop this vicious cycle? I thought breast feeding was supposed to help (but maybe it just helps the kiddo... will have to look into that)!
So, I'm laying at home bundled in blankets still shivering cold and my feet are numb! No wonder she was so upset during this cold! Hopefully actually taking time to relax (which is very hard to do as a mom - right now there are dishes and dirty floors taunting me) will magically make me better for tomorrow!

In other You-think-I'd-know-better news, I realized on Sunday that not only did we leave the cute little bunny peep onesie that I made for Sora (specifically for the day before Easter so that it wouldn't compete with her cute Easter dress) at home on the counter (still unworn - and it will be WAY too small next year! Does any one know a baby girl who will be wearing 18 mo. next Easter and likes pink peep bunnies?), I also left her ridiculously overpriced Easter dress shoes at home too! I bought them specifically because she didn't have any shoes to match and the poor kid went shoe-less all day (which, considering how frozen my feet are mean that my mom was right for once and she probably was miserable with her cold feet)! Luckily, her feet are tiny, so look for cute, over-dressed feet in future posts before she outgrows those silly shoes! And yes, mom, I know I should make lists before leaving the house. If only I had time - since I obviously barely have time to actually pack and double check!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Fun part 2

Today, we had Easter with Kyle's dad and Debra. Sora had a ton of fun exploring their house and since she has not been there since she can walk there were so many new things. It was a very sunny nice morning and we had a great day. As always with Grandma Debra Sora had some great food and played a bunch of fun games. She particularly found that it was amazingly fun to go through the sliding glass door to the deck. She entertained herself and us by going back and forth from inside to outside around forty times.

She was fascinated by the guitar and I think we may have a future rock star.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Fun

It seems like every time we make it over to Ellensburg, Sora is sick! For having such a bad cold, she was pretty happy during the day (night, of course was a different story). She happily wore her old Easter dress (which her cousin Dylan wore last year, and Sora wore to two weddings in the fall) with pride. The fact that it fit her in October and still fits her just fine, is another sign that we have a sweet petite on our hands!

Here she is finding easter eggs. Granted, these ones were "hidden" on the floor right in front of her. This year, they were all filled with change instead of candy and they made great maracas! She had a lot of fun making music with her easter eggs!It wasn't very nice out, but we did take a break to play outside for a few minutes. Sora loved the little rocking chicken that Kyle grew up with.
After the party, Sora tried to help clean up with the rake. I'm not sure quite how helpful she was...

It's always fun to see Sora warm up to people the more she is around them. Sora is still a mama's girl, but is being more friendly to grandmas (and grandpas, but so far Sora prefers the women a little more). She also is starting to warm up to her grandparent's dogs (I guess they're her uncle and aunt dogs?). At first, she was terrified of them, especially the larger dog. As the weekend went on, she started to pet and chase them!

The other fun thing about the weekend (that I don't seem to have a picture of) is how many times she would do the exact same thing over and over again. She climed up on a baby rocking chair and slid off probably 50 times on Sunday! She's still pretty easily entertained, and I love that!