Thursday, April 8, 2010

14 Month old Fun

Sora is developing into a very bold little girl. As a fourteen month old she has been constantly trying new ways of playing. She is learning that she can interact with her environment more and more. She is exhausting to keep up with but constantly blowing our minds with her learning and fun. As always fatherhood just keeps rocking. Watching this little lady grow up is pretty darn amazing. Thank you all for such a fun ride.

Sora in her new favorite chair. This was Poppa Barneycastle's chair when he was little.
Playing in a huge box with cousin Dylan.
My beautiful Ladies together.
Exploring the garbage at uncle Adam and aunt Amy's house.

Riding the chicken that dad and Aunt Kami grew up riding.
Gotta stay hydrated when you are playing hard.
MMMMMM stew.
Look my cool new watch, thanks Grandma Debra.
Sora loved the chair so much we brought back to our house were she can play in it all day.


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