Wednesday, April 7, 2010

14 Months

Sora is officially 14 months old today! She is turning into such a little girl and she is less of a baby everyday! Although that makes me a little sad, it also makes me excited to learn more about the person she's becoming. How much Kyle v. Maleah will there be in her personality? How much of each grandparent? How much that is 100% uniquely Sora? When will she start saying, "I'm only 10" in the whiniest of voices?

Here's what she's been up to lately:
  • Sora is no longer drinking from a bottle. We used up all of the frozen milk a few weeks ago, and she's on a strictly water liquid diet when I'm not around. She still loves to nurse (as evidenced by how long she cried last night because I was 3 hours late from work).
  • Sora is funny! She loves to play games: hide and seek, the repetition game (where she does the same thing over and over), the I-want-to-do-it-myself game, and of course the cry-until-momma-gets home game (hopefully it was just that once!).
  • Sora makes the greatest faces! It's fun to read her expressions and determine what she's thinking: is she happy, proud, frustrated, snuggly, etc.
  • Sora is getting better at communicating her needs. She still says very few words (hi and dad being among them), but she makes great gestures which can mean: I'm hungry, I want to be held, I want to play the game where you hold be but I really can't make up my mind if I want to be held, I want what's in your hand, your food looks and tastes better than mine, and I'm bored - hold me, but don't sit down!
  • Her diet is super varied. There's nothing so far that she's had a reaction to, but there are definitely things that she likes and doesn't like. So far, she's a meat and potatoes kind of girl who will also tolerate a variety of veggies (but not a fan of asparagus unless you include just chewing and spitting out, or leafy greens, or avocado). She's a little pickier about her fruit, but has great taste: berries, bananas, and watermelon make the cut. And of course, she loves protein like tofu, eggs, and cheese.
  • Even more fun than eating: throwing food on the floor after chewing for a while and looking over very pensively.
  • She's still a cloth diapered kid, but since she's so small, she's still in medium covers. She should be outgrowing them any day!
  • Speaking of her size, she is wearing 6-12 mo and 9-12 mo clothes still as well. A few 18 mo things have made it into her wardrobe, but they are still too big for the most part. Plus, I want to get all of the wear out of the smaller size that I can!
  • She is still wearing size 3 shoes. They are starting to get small, but size 4 seems SO big still! I wish 3.5 was a more common size!
Okay, I think that's about all that's going on with her right now. She's a ton of fun to be around (even when she's not herself) and if you haven't seen her in a while, I'd highly encourage it (before she becomes a teenager and won't talk to anyone)!

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