Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter Fun

It seems like every time we make it over to Ellensburg, Sora is sick! For having such a bad cold, she was pretty happy during the day (night, of course was a different story). She happily wore her old Easter dress (which her cousin Dylan wore last year, and Sora wore to two weddings in the fall) with pride. The fact that it fit her in October and still fits her just fine, is another sign that we have a sweet petite on our hands!

Here she is finding easter eggs. Granted, these ones were "hidden" on the floor right in front of her. This year, they were all filled with change instead of candy and they made great maracas! She had a lot of fun making music with her easter eggs!It wasn't very nice out, but we did take a break to play outside for a few minutes. Sora loved the little rocking chicken that Kyle grew up with.
After the party, Sora tried to help clean up with the rake. I'm not sure quite how helpful she was...

It's always fun to see Sora warm up to people the more she is around them. Sora is still a mama's girl, but is being more friendly to grandmas (and grandpas, but so far Sora prefers the women a little more). She also is starting to warm up to her grandparent's dogs (I guess they're her uncle and aunt dogs?). At first, she was terrified of them, especially the larger dog. As the weekend went on, she started to pet and chase them!

The other fun thing about the weekend (that I don't seem to have a picture of) is how many times she would do the exact same thing over and over again. She climed up on a baby rocking chair and slid off probably 50 times on Sunday! She's still pretty easily entertained, and I love that!

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