Saturday, April 24, 2010

New Word

As you might know, Sora's vocabulary is pretty limited right now. She can say hi and bye and wave for both and also says dada (but pretty indiscriminately). She can point and get her needs across, but talking or signing is not a huge priority for her right now. She does LOVE to say hi and bye and wave and does it every chance she gets (quite often for absolutely no other reason than the fact that she loves to do it).

A few days ago, she finally started signing a new sign (her first sign, unless you count waving and pointing which I guess are technically signs). She now signs "milk" very distinctively. It's clear she knows exactly what it means, since she does it as a response to a question (like "do you want to nurse?") as well as doing it while tugging at my shirt. It's a great signal to see that she's understanding and learning new words.

If you have seen how often she says "hi", you will see the only downside to her new word.

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