Friday, May 28, 2010

Sleep Deprived

You may have noticed our lack of posts this week. I apologize. We have been walking zombies for the past few days. Part of that is because of choices that we make (like co-sleeping and continuing to night nurse) but part is cruel nature (4 teeth at once - is that really necessary?). Between Sora going to bed later and later every night and still waking up at the crack of dawn and us trying to squeeze in our adult time into shorter and shorter hours, we are ready for a nice long nap! I've been contemplating black out curtains, but I think I would need to get them for the whole house! We let her play in the living room and her bed room (with no lights on) until we literally can't see her anymore and then we take her into our room for bed time. Maybe we should move to the equator so we wouldn't have to worry about long summer nights. I don't think that we would survive parenthood in Alaska!

We're going out of town for the weekend to celebrate my birthday and subject my parents to Sora's evening tendencies. Maybe she'll be really good to impress them. Keep your fingers crossed for us!

Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Great End to a Great Weekend

While Sora took her long-awaited nap this afternoon, I finished a dress I had been working on for her. I'm looking forward to the days when she knows the excitement a new dress brings so she will be more cooperative for a photo shoot! I also made some pajama pants from the same fabric for myself.

Thrill Rider

Nature Girl

Sora has been really happy to be living in such a magical natural world. She has had the chance to really start to connect with nature.

Unexpected Surprise

Sora has been sleeping terribly lately, which means so have I. I thought that she was teething, and her next top two front teeth have been taking forever to come in. It also looks like 2 on the bottom are coming in too, but no pearly whites yet. Imagine my surprise when I was in the car the other day with Sora and noticed that she has 2 new molars sticking out past her gum lines! No wonder she's cranky - 6 teeth at once sounds like a lot of work! Now she officially has 6 teeth with 4 more close behind.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Life's a Beach

So Sora's wonderful Grandpa Dale and Grandma Debra are spending a fun weekend with us. We started the day with a fantastic adventure on the beach at Carkeek Park. It is such a fun place and after a bit of warming up Sora had a great time playing with the rocks and shells and on the playground. Grandpa Dale had his cool camera and got a bunch of great pics including this first one when Sora decided to sit in the salty waters of the Puget Sound. She is such a little northwest girl.

When we got home Sora decided to come out and play with us in the garden. She liked smelling all of the herbs that are growing and playing in the dirt. It was a good thing Maleah was in the house so she did not have to see the level of uncleanliness.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Sand, Meet Box

Or: Where Have You Been All My Life?

I think these pictures speak for themselves.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Morning at the Gardens

Life with Sora is such an exciting emotional roller coaster! She is incredibly happy one minute and super mad and frustrated the next. When we can figure out her triggers, it's obviously easier on all of us! Today, so far at least, has been one of those days where we can figure out her triggers and work through them. Sora having such strong opinions about what she wants makes me reassess what is really important. Obviously, when her safety is involved, it's important, but when it's just about getting dirty or being slower than I want, I've been working on letting my initial "no" reaction go so that Sora can explore and learn. Kyle is better at this than I am, but then again, he doesn't mind getting dirty either! Speaking of dirty, we finally got sand for Sora's sandbox, so look for pictures of her playing in it soon (and if you want to invite yourselves over so that you or your kids can join in the fun, you're more than welcome)!

This morning, we had a brunch at Nick and Willa's before we all went to Kubota Gardens. They live right by it, so it was convenient, and it was a great morning for the visit!
We saw not one, but two turtles! One was more shy than the other. I'm not sure Sora really noticed the one hiding in his shell, and the one in the water might have been too far to catch her eye...
In true Sora fashion, she loved to play in the water. She kept trying to get in the water, so this game was a little stressful for me!

We left right when Sora was starting to get cranky tired, and the trip home helped her nap on time, which always makes me happy! Thanks for a fun morning Nick and Willa!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Fatherhood Just Never Stops Rocking Part 342

I love Seattle in the spring. It has been amazing weather and here are a few of the highlights from the last few days that I have been able to spend with my little angel.


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Just a Taste

Carly, our amazing photographer from this weekend (and hopefully our photographer for life - seriously, she was amazing), just uploaded some preview shots from our photo session last weekend. Go to her blog to see adorable Sora and me (and her silly doll that my mom loves so much... next time I must remember to bring her cute teddy bear instead).

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tomboy Beauty Queen

Happy mother's day! For mom's day, we had a weekend with my parents, which included a photo shoot, date night for me and Kyle, and one extremely happy baby.

As Sora's getting older, she is developing such a personality! Every time I think that she's amazing and adorable and herself, she develops even more complexity and it's incredible to see.
Sora loves the slide. Not a fan of the swing.

On the move with a mission!

Even more than the slide, she loves to check out the ground. She is always picking up sticks and rocks and flowers. She is a scientist in the making with how observant she is!

Even though I make her wear cute girly clothes all the time because it's so stinking cute, I love that she can get down and dirty and isn't afraid to find the messiest play possible to have a good time. At the park, after the playground, we found some nice rocks to throw into the creek. Sora would have stayed for hours!

But just when I am reveling in how cute and tomboyish she is being, she goes and does something extremely girly like how amazed she was by my grandma's jewelry.

I love this picture where you can see her skinned knee and know that here's a girl that's not afraid to take a fall when it means that she gets to run and play and be wild, but then also likes to play with teacups and purses and necklaces. A complex little girl. I have a feeling that each Mother's Day will be more meaningful for me as I learn more about my daughter and in turn, more about being her mother.


Friday, May 7, 2010

15 Months

Sora is now a full fledged toddler. She is babbling and running and hard to keep up with! Here are some recent highlights:
  • Sora is talking up a storm! So far, the only legible words are no, hi, dada, and "nanana" which is Sora's word for nurse. She signs nurse and sometimes eat.
  • Her favorite past time of the moment is books. She loves them! She likes to look at them on her own and also loves to be read to. Her favorite are ones that involve rhyming like The Nose Book, the Foot Book, and There's a Wocket in my Pocket.
  • Sora's super active and doesn't like to miss out on anything. She loves to play in forbidden areas like the bathroom and mom's craft area and will sneak in there whenever there's an opportunity. She's also still super cooperative and will hand over anything if you ask her to.
  • Sora's finally growing! She's now in mostly 12-18 mo. clothes and is too long for the medium diaper covers anymore. In fact, I just sewed some large covers for her to use at night, which she is modeling in the picture. She's still between a 3 and a 4 in shoes and we've been erring on the size 3 side (except for one day this week she got to wear her big boots and she lost one - seriously that's the third pair of shoes we've lost that otherwise would still fit her!).
  • Sora's messy and dirty and loves to play with her food and with dirt and dandelions. She's not afraid to get good and dirty in order to have fun, which makes me smile and keep hope alive that she won't be as anal as her mother. Of course, being anal, it's sometimes hard for me to stop and let Sora smell the mud-covered roses, so to speak.
  • She's a tough cookie! She fell on the sidewalk the other day and scrapped her knee pretty badly and barely even cried. She's constantly surprising me by the things she just brushes off like that.
  • She's officially out of her infant car seat. We are still using it as a stroller (although her next stroller is getting more use these days), but we've purchased a second car seat for when she's at Mimi's that is a "big girl" seat.
  • She's getting cuter every day. I didn't think this was possible, but it's true. She'll come over to you to give you kisses or do something silly like put pants on her head, and she's the most wonderful thing in the whole wide world.
  • I just gave her a haircut, and she's looking a little less rag-a-muffin (as seen in the last photo). We have a big photo shoot tomorrow, so look for adorable photos soon!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Busy Baby

Being almost 15 months is a lot of fun! Sora is such a ham and loves to play and smile and show affection. She loves giving kisses and sitting on my lap for story time. She also loves to sit on couches and will pound on them repeatedly until you put her on them (since she can't climb that high herself yet). Being this active means there is no time for sleep! Kyle and I have been trying so hard to get her in bed at 8 and not succeeding until 10 for almost a week. We have officially given up and decided with a baby this happy who isn't even cranky at 8, we'll stop worrying (but we're keeping the lights off in a last ditch effort! It's hard to read books, which is her favorite play activity, in the dark!). The only downside to my diabolical plan is that it's pretty hard to see Sora in the dark too!