Monday, May 3, 2010

Busy Baby

Being almost 15 months is a lot of fun! Sora is such a ham and loves to play and smile and show affection. She loves giving kisses and sitting on my lap for story time. She also loves to sit on couches and will pound on them repeatedly until you put her on them (since she can't climb that high herself yet). Being this active means there is no time for sleep! Kyle and I have been trying so hard to get her in bed at 8 and not succeeding until 10 for almost a week. We have officially given up and decided with a baby this happy who isn't even cranky at 8, we'll stop worrying (but we're keeping the lights off in a last ditch effort! It's hard to read books, which is her favorite play activity, in the dark!). The only downside to my diabolical plan is that it's pretty hard to see Sora in the dark too!

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