Saturday, May 22, 2010

Life's a Beach

So Sora's wonderful Grandpa Dale and Grandma Debra are spending a fun weekend with us. We started the day with a fantastic adventure on the beach at Carkeek Park. It is such a fun place and after a bit of warming up Sora had a great time playing with the rocks and shells and on the playground. Grandpa Dale had his cool camera and got a bunch of great pics including this first one when Sora decided to sit in the salty waters of the Puget Sound. She is such a little northwest girl.

When we got home Sora decided to come out and play with us in the garden. She liked smelling all of the herbs that are growing and playing in the dirt. It was a good thing Maleah was in the house so she did not have to see the level of uncleanliness.

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