Sunday, May 16, 2010

Morning at the Gardens

Life with Sora is such an exciting emotional roller coaster! She is incredibly happy one minute and super mad and frustrated the next. When we can figure out her triggers, it's obviously easier on all of us! Today, so far at least, has been one of those days where we can figure out her triggers and work through them. Sora having such strong opinions about what she wants makes me reassess what is really important. Obviously, when her safety is involved, it's important, but when it's just about getting dirty or being slower than I want, I've been working on letting my initial "no" reaction go so that Sora can explore and learn. Kyle is better at this than I am, but then again, he doesn't mind getting dirty either! Speaking of dirty, we finally got sand for Sora's sandbox, so look for pictures of her playing in it soon (and if you want to invite yourselves over so that you or your kids can join in the fun, you're more than welcome)!

This morning, we had a brunch at Nick and Willa's before we all went to Kubota Gardens. They live right by it, so it was convenient, and it was a great morning for the visit!
We saw not one, but two turtles! One was more shy than the other. I'm not sure Sora really noticed the one hiding in his shell, and the one in the water might have been too far to catch her eye...
In true Sora fashion, she loved to play in the water. She kept trying to get in the water, so this game was a little stressful for me!

We left right when Sora was starting to get cranky tired, and the trip home helped her nap on time, which always makes me happy! Thanks for a fun morning Nick and Willa!

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