Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tomboy Beauty Queen

Happy mother's day! For mom's day, we had a weekend with my parents, which included a photo shoot, date night for me and Kyle, and one extremely happy baby.

As Sora's getting older, she is developing such a personality! Every time I think that she's amazing and adorable and herself, she develops even more complexity and it's incredible to see.
Sora loves the slide. Not a fan of the swing.

On the move with a mission!

Even more than the slide, she loves to check out the ground. She is always picking up sticks and rocks and flowers. She is a scientist in the making with how observant she is!

Even though I make her wear cute girly clothes all the time because it's so stinking cute, I love that she can get down and dirty and isn't afraid to find the messiest play possible to have a good time. At the park, after the playground, we found some nice rocks to throw into the creek. Sora would have stayed for hours!

But just when I am reveling in how cute and tomboyish she is being, she goes and does something extremely girly like how amazed she was by my grandma's jewelry.

I love this picture where you can see her skinned knee and know that here's a girl that's not afraid to take a fall when it means that she gets to run and play and be wild, but then also likes to play with teacups and purses and necklaces. A complex little girl. I have a feeling that each Mother's Day will be more meaningful for me as I learn more about my daughter and in turn, more about being her mother.


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