Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sora's First Camping Trip

So, despite Sora's minor sickness last week, we decided to go camping this weekend. It was great to see friends from across the state. We went to Crescent Bar on the Columbia River and it was super hot. As usual lately, we spent more fun enjoying the weather and relaxing than taking pictures.

Sora loved playing with the Rings! Charlie was her favorite. At one point, Charlie said to his mom, "Sora likes me, and I like her too, but I can't understand her!" Why do I feel like Charlie is only the first in a long line of boys to say this about my daughter?

Sora is a super climber! She could get up on the adult camp chairs with no problems. She can also climb up on the chairs at our dining table too, and the high chair is temporarily put away! It's nice to have more space in the kitchen, but it's a lot messier!

On the way home, we stopped by Kyle's parents to give back all of their camping gear and relax for a few hours, since our camping was so eventful. (Sora threw up from coughing so hard all over the air mattress. It was also super windy and Sora was a little cranky at night.) Sora's cousins were all there too, so she got to play with them for a while before we headed home (and happened to get stuck in an hour long back up from an accident - luckily Sora slept the whole drive, so it was okay with us).

Last night, Kyle was sideswiped (he's fine), so he had a fiasco today dealing with insurance and car repair and rental cars while he was still watching Sora who has been super up and down lately, so it has been a stressful few days at the McPherson household! Hopefully things will calm down soon!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Crafty Mama, Part 2

This weekend, while Sora was sleeping and Kyle was patiently playing x-box, I finished 2 crafty projects!

I made a swim-shirt for Sora to wear with her swim diaper out of lycra. I love the idea of having less sunscreen, and I think it will be super cute at the new splash park that just opened next to Mimi's house. Sarah, Mimi's 8 year old granddaughter, is out of school for the summer. Sora loves playing with Sarah, and luckily, Sarah seems to love playing with Sora too! I'm hoping they spend a lot of time in the sprinkler and at the splash park this summer when they're at Mimi's house since Sora loves the water so much.

I also made my first diaper bag.
I have a feeling this kids is going to be searching my purse for my wallet for years to come.

Happy Father's Day

To celebrate Father's day, Sora and I took Kyle out on the town. It was a day of his choice, so we started the day off with a breakfast at Voula's Off Shore Cafe - Kyle's favorite (and not just because it was on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives).

Sora studied the menu, and I decided a side of Greek Sausage sounded right up her alley. I had my standard Chinese Pancake (pancake with an egg and ham cooked in), and Kyle had a more traditional breakfast.
This is what was left of the sausage once Sora got a hold of it. She loved it and annihilated it.

After breakfast, we headed to the Arts Festival in Edmonds. Sora got to run and crawl and play. She was fascinated with the tarps.
There was also a playground in the arts festival. There was a smaller toddler area that was perfect for Sora! She loved crawling and climbing and ninja-sliding all over the place.

She's been really into watching other kids lately, so whenever she gets to interact with others, she is super happy.

After the arts festival, we headed down to Arne & Jamie's, but Nina was taking a nap, so Sora played with her toys instead. After a super brief nap, we hit up another park where there were more slides and kids to play with. We were going to have Pho for dinner, but Sora fell asleep when we got on the road, so we ended up with Pizza instead.

Overall, a super fun, busy day with a fun kiddo and a great daddy!

Sora has been super active lately and can now climb into the bathtub and onto the couch (with a little help from her shoebox). She is talking up a storm, but still isn't saying a lot in the way of real words. She did start saying mama this weekend which is super exciting!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Busy Life

As summer is almost officially starting, that means my job really kicks into high gear. As a camp coordinator, it is pretty obvious that my summers are spent working with very little downtime. As fortunate as I am to have a job that I like, I wish that I had more summer vacations! Oh well. For now, this is my life and I need to embrace it. It does mean making sacrifices like driving all the way to Ellensburg for 32 hours to see Kyle's parents and still be at work for weekend trainings.

We headed over late Friday night (and left early this morning) to see Dale and surprise him for his birthday. It worked! It was nice and hot out and we enjoyed the great weather. Sora had a pretty weird weekend in terms of sleep and I think she's teething, so you can imagine how fun that is

Of course, when the right time came, Sora was fun and sweet and adorable as always.

And yes, I did make her adorable dress.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

16 Months

Sora has had a big month developmentally!

  • She is understanding more words every day! She follows simple directions, and can point to her feet, eyes, and nose. She even says "nooooos" and "ayee" for nose and eye.
  • She is starting to become more aware of herself and her actions. She notices when she hits her head and it makes a noise and how sometimes it hurts and other times it is more fun.
  • She put herself to bed today (well, kind of) for the first time! Normally, at bedtime, I say it's time for bed, and she runs to the bedroom and pounds on the bed. Tonight though, it was still early (for her) and she said "bed" and ran to the bedroom and was asleep within 15 minutes. An exciting first!
  • She loves water and showed us how much of an adventurer she is while we were at the waterslides at Great Wolf Lodge.
  • She loves the big swing (the plastic 5-point harness swings that the new adaptive playgrounds have), but is just okay on baby swings. She still loves slides and knows how to go down them on her own (although we still catch her). She also likes any thing that rocks or bounces at the playground.
  • Sora is social. Recently, she has had a playdate with her PEPS friends, 3 week old Iain, 2.5 year old Kaylie, and her cousin Dylan. She is still in awe of other kids and loves watching what they do. The game she really played with Kaylie and Dylan was one where she would chase them around, but they all seemed to like it.
  • Sora still loves books and can read the same book over and over and over again. If anyone wants to trade books so Kyle and I can read some new ones, let me know :).
  • She is a ton of fun and a bundle of energy. Kyle and I are having a lot of fun with her, especially now that she has strong opinions about what she likes and what is fun. Sometimes her opinions cause tantrums, but they aren't too frequent or too fierce yet!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Evil Kanevel Eat your heart out

Sora is such a little dare devil. She is not afraid of trying anything and she loves to go fast.

Great Wolf Lodge

After we left Oregon, the fun didn't stop! We made a pit stop by Cabela's (which made my dad very excited). Sora was a little overwhelmed by all of the animals (mostly stuffed - real and fake).
She loved playing in all of the tents but was a little upset when it was time to leave. She tried hiding in the camouflage (which took up half of the second story), but it was apparently not baby camo, since she stood out like a sore thumb!
When we arrived at our destination, Sora was rearing to go! My parents took us to Great Wolf Lodge for part 2 of my birthday. I knew Sora would like it, but I wasn't sure quite how much water one kid could handle.
She LOVED it! There was a big toddler area that she would have stayed for days in. She loved the two baby slides, the wave pool, the random splashes, and playing with the water. Mostly she loved to watch the other kids and figure out how to do things. She is now trying to climb up stairs without using her knees which is a big step!
And of course, I am using this moment for some shameless self promotion: I sewed us matching swimsuits for the trip! We were adorable and stylish. Sora loved the little life jacket so much that no one saw her swimsuit much, sadly.
Other than the water park, Sora also had fun playing in their Cub Club with another toddler. She climbed all over the hotel and said hi to almost every stranger that ignored her (the ones who noticed her were much less likely to get a "hi").

It was a great weekend for a great birthday! Sora was an amazing kiddo who was patient and fun and well behaved and great in the car for such a long drive! She got a little cranky and threw a few tantrums near the end of the trip, but hey - she's a toddler.

One of the funniest moments of the day came when we put Sora's new jelly sandals on. She would walk for a few feet, then stop and play with her shoes. I thought they must be bugging her, so I took them off. She cried and tried to put them back on - she loved them! We might have a fashionista on our hands after all!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

OR stands for OutRageous fun (and also for Oregon State)

To commemorate my big birthday, my parents took our small family on a four day adventure! It was fun, exhausting, amazing, thrilling, boring (in the car) and an overall success - just like a toddler!

We started off the trip with a train ride. Sora, mom and I took the train on part of our trip while dad and Kyle drove so that Sora wouldn't have to be in the carseat for as long, and I thought it would be fun.
It turned out that 2 hours was just about the maximum time on a train Sora could handle. She kept us on our toes, but all the jostling and extra falling was a little rough on her.

When we finally got to our destination, Edgefield just outside of Portland, we got out and explored the grounds. Sora loved all of the gardens and places to sit down!
The next day, we ventured out to Portland. We went to Fabric Depot, of course, which is the largest fabric store I've ever been to (which says a lot!). Sora, Kyle, and dad were very patient as I planned the next year or two of my sewing life.

We hit up Powell's, also of course, where in all of their millions of books, they didn't have the one book I wanted! We had to hit up Borders too since I couldn't wait one more minute to have my book!
We went to Voodoo Donuts where we tried a maple bacon bar (delish!) and some other fun donuts.

After being drug all through Portland on mostly-Maleah based destinations, we stopped at the park on our way back to Edgefield for Sora. She loved playing and watching all of the bigger kids.

At night, my parents watched Sora while Kyle and I explored the many bars on site. My favorite involved a sugar-rimmed glass, of course.

Sora was the most adorable baby at Edgefield this weekend. She loved sleeping in the big hotel bed, swimming in the soaking pool, climbing the stairs, and playing with the grandparents. We also got to explore Vista House, which I had been to before but never inside, and two waterfalls.