Tuesday, June 8, 2010

16 Months

Sora has had a big month developmentally!

  • She is understanding more words every day! She follows simple directions, and can point to her feet, eyes, and nose. She even says "nooooos" and "ayee" for nose and eye.
  • She is starting to become more aware of herself and her actions. She notices when she hits her head and it makes a noise and how sometimes it hurts and other times it is more fun.
  • She put herself to bed today (well, kind of) for the first time! Normally, at bedtime, I say it's time for bed, and she runs to the bedroom and pounds on the bed. Tonight though, it was still early (for her) and she said "bed" and ran to the bedroom and was asleep within 15 minutes. An exciting first!
  • She loves water and showed us how much of an adventurer she is while we were at the waterslides at Great Wolf Lodge.
  • She loves the big swing (the plastic 5-point harness swings that the new adaptive playgrounds have), but is just okay on baby swings. She still loves slides and knows how to go down them on her own (although we still catch her). She also likes any thing that rocks or bounces at the playground.
  • Sora is social. Recently, she has had a playdate with her PEPS friends, 3 week old Iain, 2.5 year old Kaylie, and her cousin Dylan. She is still in awe of other kids and loves watching what they do. The game she really played with Kaylie and Dylan was one where she would chase them around, but they all seemed to like it.
  • Sora still loves books and can read the same book over and over and over again. If anyone wants to trade books so Kyle and I can read some new ones, let me know :).
  • She is a ton of fun and a bundle of energy. Kyle and I are having a lot of fun with her, especially now that she has strong opinions about what she likes and what is fun. Sometimes her opinions cause tantrums, but they aren't too frequent or too fierce yet!

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