Sunday, June 13, 2010

Busy Life

As summer is almost officially starting, that means my job really kicks into high gear. As a camp coordinator, it is pretty obvious that my summers are spent working with very little downtime. As fortunate as I am to have a job that I like, I wish that I had more summer vacations! Oh well. For now, this is my life and I need to embrace it. It does mean making sacrifices like driving all the way to Ellensburg for 32 hours to see Kyle's parents and still be at work for weekend trainings.

We headed over late Friday night (and left early this morning) to see Dale and surprise him for his birthday. It worked! It was nice and hot out and we enjoyed the great weather. Sora had a pretty weird weekend in terms of sleep and I think she's teething, so you can imagine how fun that is

Of course, when the right time came, Sora was fun and sweet and adorable as always.

And yes, I did make her adorable dress.

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