Sunday, June 20, 2010

Crafty Mama, Part 2

This weekend, while Sora was sleeping and Kyle was patiently playing x-box, I finished 2 crafty projects!

I made a swim-shirt for Sora to wear with her swim diaper out of lycra. I love the idea of having less sunscreen, and I think it will be super cute at the new splash park that just opened next to Mimi's house. Sarah, Mimi's 8 year old granddaughter, is out of school for the summer. Sora loves playing with Sarah, and luckily, Sarah seems to love playing with Sora too! I'm hoping they spend a lot of time in the sprinkler and at the splash park this summer when they're at Mimi's house since Sora loves the water so much.

I also made my first diaper bag.
I have a feeling this kids is going to be searching my purse for my wallet for years to come.

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bethany said...

Thanks so much for voting for my photo! I don't have an email address to send the pattern to, would you mind sending that to me? Thanks!