Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Great Wolf Lodge

After we left Oregon, the fun didn't stop! We made a pit stop by Cabela's (which made my dad very excited). Sora was a little overwhelmed by all of the animals (mostly stuffed - real and fake).
She loved playing in all of the tents but was a little upset when it was time to leave. She tried hiding in the camouflage (which took up half of the second story), but it was apparently not baby camo, since she stood out like a sore thumb!
When we arrived at our destination, Sora was rearing to go! My parents took us to Great Wolf Lodge for part 2 of my birthday. I knew Sora would like it, but I wasn't sure quite how much water one kid could handle.
She LOVED it! There was a big toddler area that she would have stayed for days in. She loved the two baby slides, the wave pool, the random splashes, and playing with the water. Mostly she loved to watch the other kids and figure out how to do things. She is now trying to climb up stairs without using her knees which is a big step!
And of course, I am using this moment for some shameless self promotion: I sewed us matching swimsuits for the trip! We were adorable and stylish. Sora loved the little life jacket so much that no one saw her swimsuit much, sadly.
Other than the water park, Sora also had fun playing in their Cub Club with another toddler. She climbed all over the hotel and said hi to almost every stranger that ignored her (the ones who noticed her were much less likely to get a "hi").

It was a great weekend for a great birthday! Sora was an amazing kiddo who was patient and fun and well behaved and great in the car for such a long drive! She got a little cranky and threw a few tantrums near the end of the trip, but hey - she's a toddler.

One of the funniest moments of the day came when we put Sora's new jelly sandals on. She would walk for a few feet, then stop and play with her shoes. I thought they must be bugging her, so I took them off. She cried and tried to put them back on - she loved them! We might have a fashionista on our hands after all!

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