Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day

To celebrate Father's day, Sora and I took Kyle out on the town. It was a day of his choice, so we started the day off with a breakfast at Voula's Off Shore Cafe - Kyle's favorite (and not just because it was on Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives).

Sora studied the menu, and I decided a side of Greek Sausage sounded right up her alley. I had my standard Chinese Pancake (pancake with an egg and ham cooked in), and Kyle had a more traditional breakfast.
This is what was left of the sausage once Sora got a hold of it. She loved it and annihilated it.

After breakfast, we headed to the Arts Festival in Edmonds. Sora got to run and crawl and play. She was fascinated with the tarps.
There was also a playground in the arts festival. There was a smaller toddler area that was perfect for Sora! She loved crawling and climbing and ninja-sliding all over the place.

She's been really into watching other kids lately, so whenever she gets to interact with others, she is super happy.

After the arts festival, we headed down to Arne & Jamie's, but Nina was taking a nap, so Sora played with her toys instead. After a super brief nap, we hit up another park where there were more slides and kids to play with. We were going to have Pho for dinner, but Sora fell asleep when we got on the road, so we ended up with Pizza instead.

Overall, a super fun, busy day with a fun kiddo and a great daddy!

Sora has been super active lately and can now climb into the bathtub and onto the couch (with a little help from her shoebox). She is talking up a storm, but still isn't saying a lot in the way of real words. She did start saying mama this weekend which is super exciting!

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