Tuesday, June 1, 2010

OR stands for OutRageous fun (and also for Oregon State)

To commemorate my big birthday, my parents took our small family on a four day adventure! It was fun, exhausting, amazing, thrilling, boring (in the car) and an overall success - just like a toddler!

We started off the trip with a train ride. Sora, mom and I took the train on part of our trip while dad and Kyle drove so that Sora wouldn't have to be in the carseat for as long, and I thought it would be fun.
It turned out that 2 hours was just about the maximum time on a train Sora could handle. She kept us on our toes, but all the jostling and extra falling was a little rough on her.

When we finally got to our destination, Edgefield just outside of Portland, we got out and explored the grounds. Sora loved all of the gardens and places to sit down!
The next day, we ventured out to Portland. We went to Fabric Depot, of course, which is the largest fabric store I've ever been to (which says a lot!). Sora, Kyle, and dad were very patient as I planned the next year or two of my sewing life.

We hit up Powell's, also of course, where in all of their millions of books, they didn't have the one book I wanted! We had to hit up Borders too since I couldn't wait one more minute to have my book!
We went to Voodoo Donuts where we tried a maple bacon bar (delish!) and some other fun donuts.

After being drug all through Portland on mostly-Maleah based destinations, we stopped at the park on our way back to Edgefield for Sora. She loved playing and watching all of the bigger kids.

At night, my parents watched Sora while Kyle and I explored the many bars on site. My favorite involved a sugar-rimmed glass, of course.

Sora was the most adorable baby at Edgefield this weekend. She loved sleeping in the big hotel bed, swimming in the soaking pool, climbing the stairs, and playing with the grandparents. We also got to explore Vista House, which I had been to before but never inside, and two waterfalls.

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