Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sora's First Camping Trip

So, despite Sora's minor sickness last week, we decided to go camping this weekend. It was great to see friends from across the state. We went to Crescent Bar on the Columbia River and it was super hot. As usual lately, we spent more fun enjoying the weather and relaxing than taking pictures.

Sora loved playing with the Rings! Charlie was her favorite. At one point, Charlie said to his mom, "Sora likes me, and I like her too, but I can't understand her!" Why do I feel like Charlie is only the first in a long line of boys to say this about my daughter?

Sora is a super climber! She could get up on the adult camp chairs with no problems. She can also climb up on the chairs at our dining table too, and the high chair is temporarily put away! It's nice to have more space in the kitchen, but it's a lot messier!

On the way home, we stopped by Kyle's parents to give back all of their camping gear and relax for a few hours, since our camping was so eventful. (Sora threw up from coughing so hard all over the air mattress. It was also super windy and Sora was a little cranky at night.) Sora's cousins were all there too, so she got to play with them for a while before we headed home (and happened to get stuck in an hour long back up from an accident - luckily Sora slept the whole drive, so it was okay with us).

Last night, Kyle was sideswiped (he's fine), so he had a fiasco today dealing with insurance and car repair and rental cars while he was still watching Sora who has been super up and down lately, so it has been a stressful few days at the McPherson household! Hopefully things will calm down soon!

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