Monday, July 26, 2010

First ER Trip

With a kid so much like her father, it was bound to happen sooner or later.

Last night, while we were eating at our table outside, Sora was playing under the table. She stood up too quickly and hit her head (not too hard though), then fell forward hitting her chin on the chair. She bit her tongue super hard. We couldn't see what was bleeding at first, so we rushed to the hospital (rookie parents, I know).

It turns out that she punctured her tongue in 2 spots with her super sharp teeth. It seems to hurt quite a bit and last night was particularly rough. She still wakes up and nurses 2-3 times per night, but the wound is in the exact wrong spot for nursing. This of course made the night even tougher for us! She would wake up crying, wanting to nurse, then would try but couldn't and would cry even more. She has spent most of the day eating yogurt and ice and sleeping and healing.

Hopefully it will be back to normal life soon.

In the meantime though, she did just go down to sleep in her crib without nursing for the first time ever at night (Kyle has perfected this during the day over the past week or two), and it may be the kick start to night weaning that we really do need!

As you can see, she is doing fine and is in good spirits.

What the McPhersons Eat

Inspired by What the World Eats on Time magazine (as seen on various blogs), I thought I would show you what we eat at our house.

Here is a week of food at the McPherson household. There are a few things missing (like the ice cream we bought at Molly Moon's this evening), but for the most part, it includes our breakfast, lunches, and dinner.

All for $81.

The one thing that surprised me was how much most people world wide spend on food. It makes me almost feel bad about making Kyle stick to such a strict budget. I am also super lucky that I have such a gourmand husband who is such a great chef and makes me have better taste.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Congrats Moira and Brian!

So, the reason we were in Gig Harbor all day yesterday was to go to Moira and Brian's wedding at night. It was a beautiful wedding with some great indoor/outdoor scenery.

Somehow Brian got away without us taking any pictures of him! Here is the beautiful bride:
And here she is holding Sora:
Sora was reluctant to stop for anything - including sitting down for dinner. She was busy running and trying to dive into fountains. Here is a brief pit stop. You can see the expression on her face says something like "You can pin me down, but you can't make me stop!"
In addition to the other fun (more appropriate) activities, Sora really preferred to play in the dirt. No surprises there really.
Her favorite game of the night was hug monster. It was so cute - she kept chasing kids around trying to hug them. Most of the other kids ran away, but Annie and Charlie Ring stopped and let her hug them. She was funny though - she knows how to hug, but instead of executing the hug properly, she would just kind of lean in with her arms stretched out too far behind her and make them do the work of actually hugging her.

Sora has been really hit or miss when it comes to interacting with other kids - she often ignores them and just stares at the adults. Or she'll go up to kids and sit and stare at them. This was one of the first times when she was truly interacting with a lot of different kids. She seemed most comfortable with the Rings (which is great - she has so much to learn from Annie, and Charlie's patience will be a valuable asset to the girls in keeping peace some day on future camping trips, I'm sure!) but was definitely also trying to woo complete strangers as well. So far she seems to be taking after her dad's love of socializing!

Day Trip to Gig Harbor

We were in the neighborhood and thought it would be fun to spend the day in Gig Harbor. We were only partially right.

Sora had fun exploring the many tiny parks in town. We did find one with a playground that was swarming with kids. Unfortunately, it was directly in the sun and Kyle and I didn't last very long.It will be a sad day when Sora finally realizes that these things are much more fun when you actually pay and make them move. So far, she seems to think that just sitting on them is the fun part.
We found a quiet cafe for lunch. We had planned on a much larger tourist destination, but waited for 20 minutes for a table outside (no shade) next to the kitchen exhaust (super hot). When we asked to move, we waited inside and I had the epiphany that it was hotter inside than outside and it seemed to be taking a while for the food to come out and I didn't think Sora was going to last very long. The other cafe was empty, speedy, and delicious!
Sora and I at the harbor. Clearly, I am enjoying myself more than Sora is.

Sora trying to make an escape from a diaper change. This is actually an everyday occurrence at our house. On another note, I sewed this super cute top with the same pattern as the trees dress. It's from some white eyelet fabric I had planned on making a top with for myself. Sora pulls it off better than I could have I think.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ice Cream Dress

With Kyle working all weekend, we didn't try to accomplish too much. Sora and I met my mom by Kyle's work and had plans of going to the new spray park or the Children's Art Festival or the children's museum, but ended up shopping all day instead.

I was able to sneak in a new sewing project while Sora slept this weekend. Kyle took a photo shoot yesterday of the Ice Cream Dress.

It's hard to see, but there are two little pockets on the front. I bought the super cute fabric for my birthday, so I guess my birthday is now officially over.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lazy Days at Home

We spent all weekend within walking distance of our home and it was great! We got a lot done around the house, and it was nice to relax for once since our weekends are usually so packed.

Sora is getting such a huge personality that I wanted to capture her essence at this moment. She is obsessed with her sand box and loves playing in it.
She also loves hamming it up. She thinks it's hilarious to wear my sunglasses (and she's right). It's super cute, but sometimes gets a little old when it keeps her from focusing on a task like walking from point A to point B.
She loves eating ice. This is something I hate, but Kyle loves and does all the time. Of course, Sora wants to do everything Kyle does, so it works out well that she loves doing it.
While we were on a walk today, we rediscovered a water feature of a nearby complex. We'll have to remember this on hot days, since I think there is a lot of shade here and hardly any other babies!
And of course, we got some good gardening in this weekend. My beets are almost ready to eat, and I see flowers on the squash and snap peas! We ate lettuce from the garden this weekend, and as you can see, the sage, thyme and chives are taking over.
On a more obnoxious note, Sora had her first bully encounter today at the park. There was a girl, around 24-30 months, who was pushing other kids and then when her mom made her (not every time) would go over to the kid she had just pushed and give a hug, kiss and a sorry. Afer seeing her do this to 3 other kids, Kyle warned me, so when she came over to Sora I was super careful. She tried to hug Sora, but then was a little rough with her and tried pushing her head into a pole. I picked Sora up and told the little girl she needed to be gentle with the baby. We went to play away from this little terror, but she followed. I put Sora down, and the girl came over and tried to shove Sora. Luckily, I was able to pick Sora up and Kyle gently pulled the girl away and gave her mom the evil eye. Her mom made her say sorry and hug Sora, but clearly that discipline wasn't really sinking in for that girl! I know that at some point Sora will need to fight her own battles, but when the playing field is so uneven, it's not going to be today.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Days

Summer has finally arrived in Seattle! While we appreciate the nice weather, our house is really not made for temperatures over 70 degrees. We've been trying to be creative in our efforts to stay cool. So far, it's a lot easier than last summer when Sora had to be in the shade and wasn't eating solid foods yet.

In an effort to stay cool, we have started hanging out semi-nude. Sora loves being naked, like any good baby, and has been sleeping in just a diaper lately.
I thought going to the library would be a great idea to stay cool, but we arrived to find that it was not air conditioned. In fact, two libraries were closed early that same day due to "heat". It wasn't even over 90 degrees out - it shows how sad our public library buildings are (our nearest library is air conditioned, but due to severe budget cuts, it is open super limited hours).

On the way home, we stopped by a park that Sora loved, and was cooler than inside our house!
Kyle had the best idea when he took Sora to a spray park on Friday. It looks like it was really busy, but Sora seemed to enjoy herself!
When Sora got home, she was finally ready to play in her new pool. She had been putting her hands in it all week, but had been reluctant to get in, which really surprised me since she's such a water baby!
We are spending the weekend relaxing at our house, so hopefully we'll get some more fun water and outside play in before we have to go back to work on Monday.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Major Breakthrough

Earlier today, while Sora was playing in the yard with Kyle, she pulled a diaper off of the clothes line and brought it to Kyle. Kyle asked Sora if she needed her diaper changed and she said "yes" (which is a word I didn't even know she knew). Kyle told her to lay down, and she sat, then rolled on her back. This is a major thing for Sora since she says "no" about 90% of the time lately in her quest to be independent, AND lately she seriously hates diaper changes (I think it has to do with her independent desires and not being in control of her situation). I can't wait for potty training!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Creative Baby

While Kyle was working all weekend at the beerfest, Sora and I headed up to Bellingham to visit my parents (after making a brief but note worthy appearance at Kyle's cousin Tasha's house warming - their house is beautiful, and Sora enjoyed the task of determining how much more work is needed before it's truly baby proof!).

Sora is a baby of few words, but many many actions. She is a bundle of energy and is sometimes hard to keep up with. I didn't take many pictures of our weekend, so bare with me while I share the few I do have:

We went for a walk at Birch Bay Saturday after dinner, and Sora loved playing in the sandbar as the tide came in. Grandma handed her rocks and she and grandpa threw them in the water to watch them splash. Afterwards, we went to Woods Coffee for a treat. They didn't have anything appropriate for a baby, so Sora just played. Luckily it was pretty empty, so Sora got to run around a lot.

This video is a little hard to understand without the pre-story, so here goes: Sora was going up to the rock wall area, petting the rock, then "giving" the "rock" to me or grandma. She's at an age where pretending is still very new, so it's exciting and funny every time I see her pretending to do something.

And this picture is just to show how grown up Sora is getting! She ate at the table with us tonight before we left for Seattle. Here she is sitting on the dictionary (this was my dad's present to me and my brother when I was 10 and we complained that mom bought all the Christmas presents... we never complained again!).

Friday, July 2, 2010

Longest Week Ever!

This has been a crazy week for the McPhersons! This was the first week of summer camps for me, so my work was crazy, and between Kyle's car getting hit and a full week of work at Kyle's regular job and extra work at the beer festival, we've hardly spent any time at home.

Sora got to spend all day Thursday playing with her friend Zora, who is 1 month older than she is (but already speaks 2 languages and is very vocal), and she spent all day today playing with her cousins and grandma Debi. They played so hard that Sora fell asleep at 7:15 tonight! I think we're all tired from our long week! Sora and I still have big plans for the weekend, but after that, we're taking a break!