Sunday, July 25, 2010

Congrats Moira and Brian!

So, the reason we were in Gig Harbor all day yesterday was to go to Moira and Brian's wedding at night. It was a beautiful wedding with some great indoor/outdoor scenery.

Somehow Brian got away without us taking any pictures of him! Here is the beautiful bride:
And here she is holding Sora:
Sora was reluctant to stop for anything - including sitting down for dinner. She was busy running and trying to dive into fountains. Here is a brief pit stop. You can see the expression on her face says something like "You can pin me down, but you can't make me stop!"
In addition to the other fun (more appropriate) activities, Sora really preferred to play in the dirt. No surprises there really.
Her favorite game of the night was hug monster. It was so cute - she kept chasing kids around trying to hug them. Most of the other kids ran away, but Annie and Charlie Ring stopped and let her hug them. She was funny though - she knows how to hug, but instead of executing the hug properly, she would just kind of lean in with her arms stretched out too far behind her and make them do the work of actually hugging her.

Sora has been really hit or miss when it comes to interacting with other kids - she often ignores them and just stares at the adults. Or she'll go up to kids and sit and stare at them. This was one of the first times when she was truly interacting with a lot of different kids. She seemed most comfortable with the Rings (which is great - she has so much to learn from Annie, and Charlie's patience will be a valuable asset to the girls in keeping peace some day on future camping trips, I'm sure!) but was definitely also trying to woo complete strangers as well. So far she seems to be taking after her dad's love of socializing!

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