Sunday, July 4, 2010

Creative Baby

While Kyle was working all weekend at the beerfest, Sora and I headed up to Bellingham to visit my parents (after making a brief but note worthy appearance at Kyle's cousin Tasha's house warming - their house is beautiful, and Sora enjoyed the task of determining how much more work is needed before it's truly baby proof!).

Sora is a baby of few words, but many many actions. She is a bundle of energy and is sometimes hard to keep up with. I didn't take many pictures of our weekend, so bare with me while I share the few I do have:

We went for a walk at Birch Bay Saturday after dinner, and Sora loved playing in the sandbar as the tide came in. Grandma handed her rocks and she and grandpa threw them in the water to watch them splash. Afterwards, we went to Woods Coffee for a treat. They didn't have anything appropriate for a baby, so Sora just played. Luckily it was pretty empty, so Sora got to run around a lot.

This video is a little hard to understand without the pre-story, so here goes: Sora was going up to the rock wall area, petting the rock, then "giving" the "rock" to me or grandma. She's at an age where pretending is still very new, so it's exciting and funny every time I see her pretending to do something.

And this picture is just to show how grown up Sora is getting! She ate at the table with us tonight before we left for Seattle. Here she is sitting on the dictionary (this was my dad's present to me and my brother when I was 10 and we complained that mom bought all the Christmas presents... we never complained again!).

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