Sunday, July 25, 2010

Day Trip to Gig Harbor

We were in the neighborhood and thought it would be fun to spend the day in Gig Harbor. We were only partially right.

Sora had fun exploring the many tiny parks in town. We did find one with a playground that was swarming with kids. Unfortunately, it was directly in the sun and Kyle and I didn't last very long.It will be a sad day when Sora finally realizes that these things are much more fun when you actually pay and make them move. So far, she seems to think that just sitting on them is the fun part.
We found a quiet cafe for lunch. We had planned on a much larger tourist destination, but waited for 20 minutes for a table outside (no shade) next to the kitchen exhaust (super hot). When we asked to move, we waited inside and I had the epiphany that it was hotter inside than outside and it seemed to be taking a while for the food to come out and I didn't think Sora was going to last very long. The other cafe was empty, speedy, and delicious!
Sora and I at the harbor. Clearly, I am enjoying myself more than Sora is.

Sora trying to make an escape from a diaper change. This is actually an everyday occurrence at our house. On another note, I sewed this super cute top with the same pattern as the trees dress. It's from some white eyelet fabric I had planned on making a top with for myself. Sora pulls it off better than I could have I think.

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