Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lazy Days at Home

We spent all weekend within walking distance of our home and it was great! We got a lot done around the house, and it was nice to relax for once since our weekends are usually so packed.

Sora is getting such a huge personality that I wanted to capture her essence at this moment. She is obsessed with her sand box and loves playing in it.
She also loves hamming it up. She thinks it's hilarious to wear my sunglasses (and she's right). It's super cute, but sometimes gets a little old when it keeps her from focusing on a task like walking from point A to point B.
She loves eating ice. This is something I hate, but Kyle loves and does all the time. Of course, Sora wants to do everything Kyle does, so it works out well that she loves doing it.
While we were on a walk today, we rediscovered a water feature of a nearby complex. We'll have to remember this on hot days, since I think there is a lot of shade here and hardly any other babies!
And of course, we got some good gardening in this weekend. My beets are almost ready to eat, and I see flowers on the squash and snap peas! We ate lettuce from the garden this weekend, and as you can see, the sage, thyme and chives are taking over.
On a more obnoxious note, Sora had her first bully encounter today at the park. There was a girl, around 24-30 months, who was pushing other kids and then when her mom made her (not every time) would go over to the kid she had just pushed and give a hug, kiss and a sorry. Afer seeing her do this to 3 other kids, Kyle warned me, so when she came over to Sora I was super careful. She tried to hug Sora, but then was a little rough with her and tried pushing her head into a pole. I picked Sora up and told the little girl she needed to be gentle with the baby. We went to play away from this little terror, but she followed. I put Sora down, and the girl came over and tried to shove Sora. Luckily, I was able to pick Sora up and Kyle gently pulled the girl away and gave her mom the evil eye. Her mom made her say sorry and hug Sora, but clearly that discipline wasn't really sinking in for that girl! I know that at some point Sora will need to fight her own battles, but when the playing field is so uneven, it's not going to be today.

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