Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Days

Summer has finally arrived in Seattle! While we appreciate the nice weather, our house is really not made for temperatures over 70 degrees. We've been trying to be creative in our efforts to stay cool. So far, it's a lot easier than last summer when Sora had to be in the shade and wasn't eating solid foods yet.

In an effort to stay cool, we have started hanging out semi-nude. Sora loves being naked, like any good baby, and has been sleeping in just a diaper lately.
I thought going to the library would be a great idea to stay cool, but we arrived to find that it was not air conditioned. In fact, two libraries were closed early that same day due to "heat". It wasn't even over 90 degrees out - it shows how sad our public library buildings are (our nearest library is air conditioned, but due to severe budget cuts, it is open super limited hours).

On the way home, we stopped by a park that Sora loved, and was cooler than inside our house!
Kyle had the best idea when he took Sora to a spray park on Friday. It looks like it was really busy, but Sora seemed to enjoy herself!
When Sora got home, she was finally ready to play in her new pool. She had been putting her hands in it all week, but had been reluctant to get in, which really surprised me since she's such a water baby!
We are spending the weekend relaxing at our house, so hopefully we'll get some more fun water and outside play in before we have to go back to work on Monday.

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