Monday, August 30, 2010

Weekend in the Burg

We had the perfect weather this weekend when we went to visit Kyle's hometown! It is the last time that we will go there as a family until next summer (crazy to think about) and it was a great trip. Kyle's grandma Mary turned 90, so there was a party to celebrate. Sora got to play with cousin Dylan all weekend and had a great time. It was fun to see the girls interacting and working so much on sharing with one another. Of course they have a long way to go, but they were both a lot of fun and really well behaved most of the weekend! Sora got a lot of great socializing in and even learned some new words this weekend (she learned "dip" on Friday, and said "duck" on Saturday).
Sora loved the pool. She would have stayed in there all weekend if we would have let her!

Kyle and I also got a much needed adult night out as well, and we left our cameras at home. We went to see Kyle's friend Jon Solo play songs from his latest album, and saw a lot of friends that are now spread out across the state and country.

It was a great last weekend away from home, but we came home to the reality that we have a lot to do in the next two weeks! We've already rented the u-haul, so at least we can check one thing off our very long list.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Wisconsin Preview

We have had a request for photos from our new home, which is a great idea! I wish I had thought of on my own. Kyle took a ton of pictures while he was there for his interview. Here are a few that he feels represents the life we will be living.One of the perks is that we will be living on a 140 acre camp with 3 ponds on site. Here is one of them. Apparently they catch frogs here.

This is the largest "pond" on site. We would call it a lake, but it is named Chute Pond. This is the camp waterfront. Kyle can't wait to take Sora down the slide next spring!

This is our backyard. Imagine it without a bird bath.

Our 3 bedroom house. Imagine it with at least 1 more wagon wheel.

Another view of Chute Pond. I think this is from the nearby county park, which apparently we can drive to on the frozen pond in the winter. I'm not sure I'll be brave enough to do this, but Kyle's Boss does it all winter to get to work.

Another picturesque view of Blue gill pond

The entire property has a great diversity of trees and little paths everywhere.

This is what Kyle was greeted by when he entered the first building on camp. Apparently taxidermy is a way of life in Wisconsin. I am taking bets on how long it will take Kyle to stuff his first raccoon.

This is the road right outside our new house. It beats Northgate Ave hands down.

One last look at the lake. The majority of the property wraps around the water so this is a common view.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Team Headquarters

It's official: we are packing up the team headquarters and moving to Wisconsin! Kyle recently was offered a position near Green Bay with some amazing perks we couldn't refuse (like a 3 bedroom house, and 10 weeks off in the summer). I have been wanting to stay home with Sora for a while now and can't believe that I will actually have an opportunity to do so! It is our intention to have this be a temporary relocation for the team until the youngest member is ready to start school.

We leave on Sept. 16, so we have a lot to do in the meantime! More official press releases will be coming out soon.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

18 Months

Sora is already 18 months! I can't believe a year and a half have already gone by! We took her in for her check up last week, and she weighed 21 lbs 9 oz. (15th %) and is 31" tall (50%). She's been skinny and average height for the past year or so, so this was nothing new. The doctor said she was very healthy and Sora didn't even cry when she got her vaccination! She doesn't need any more shots until Kindergarden, so that's great news for everyone.

Here is what she has been up to lately:
  • She loves to eat! You wouldn't know it by how skinny she is, but she can really pack away food. Her favorite food involves berries, meat, snap peas off the vine, cereal, and pasta. She will eat almost anything but is not a fan of leafy greens quite yet.
  • She loves to play. She is starting to pretend more and more and likes to play with people more than toys. At home, she is exploring the world of things with holes - we have 3 different toys that "stack" on sticks and she loves trying to figure out how it works. At the park, she loves the swing, but also really likes to slide.
  • This kid shows no fear! She is constantly being a dare devil and Kyle and I are trying to teach her appropriate boundaries. I just read an article about climbing trees and letting kids take age appropriate risks, so I am trying to figure out what that looks like for Sora instead of constantly saying no as a knee-jerk reaction.
  • Sora is super funny and is a little mimic. Yesterday she was dumping her O's all over the floor and I was showing her that we could pick them up and eat them. I was doing it with my mouth, and making funny noises. Today, she dumped raisins all over the floor (yes, there is a pattern apparently) and later I saw her picking them up with her mouth and making funny noises.
  • Sora is a sweet, adorable kid. She likes to give hugs and kisses, and now says bye and waves. She loves skyping with grandparents and always gives kisses before saying goodbye.
  • For a not-so-verbal kid, she is finally talking a lot. Most of it is still not quite English, but she has her own sentences and conversations now. She understands most directions, and when you ask her if it's bath time or bed time, she usually runs over to the bathtub or the bedroom. She is saying "up", "mommy" (which she calls everyone), "abby" (mimi's dog), "abba" (food), "oppi" (water), "out", "eye", "nose", "shoe", "spoon" (which sounds suspiciously like shoe), "book", and hi and bye. She's also a pointing machine and she is starting to have a long-term memory. She keeps pointing to where the Honey Nut O's should be (which we don't buy anymore because she is a fiend) and is upset when we don't give her any.
  • She is a ton of fun, and loves adventures, Sarah (Mimi's 8 year old granddaughter), Mimi, all of her grandparents, and of course Kyle and I. She is starting to really remember people that she doesn't see every day (like her grandparents) and she is starting to really interact with other kids. She is an amazing kid and I love watching her learn and play and grow!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Park Rituals

Lately, Kyle has been working on Tuesday evenings. Sora and I have been creating a ritual of going to the nearby park on these nights.

She's very familiar with the park. We go to the library first, which is right next door, but she knows right where the park is and points at it as we stroll by. When it's time to go to the park, she gets super excited!
She loves most things at the park. She really likes the swings and some of the other random structures. She plays on the faux merry go round and the faux teeter totter as well.

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But one of her true loves is the slide. She's not afraid of anything and will head down the slide without sitting first. Last night, she went down the slide 10 times in a row!
And yes, this was a shameless post to show off the outfit I made her this week. It's one she can grow into, and I'm very proud of how well the top and skirt match! The shirt was from an old work t-shirt that I repurposed and the skirt is brand new just for her! I still need to fancify the top, but other than that, it's a super cute outfit!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sora's Summer Dress

I thought that if I made Sora a dress for hot weather, the weather would follow. It hasn't worked yet, but she has gotten to wear it indoors.Sora, of course, couldn't bother to stop playing to model her new dress. Here it is in action.
She dropped something in her pocket which made her realize they were there. I'm sure I'll be finding interesting things in her pocket for years to come!
This was the best full body shot I could get. It's a super cute dress and there might be more to come if it ever really is summer (although "summer" will be over in a month, so maybe I should sew something for fall instead).

Friday, August 6, 2010

Video Star Part 17

Sora is starting t live life on her own terms more and more. It is great to see her confidence and roaming spirit. Here is some of her latest footage.


So this blog has been sorely lacking in good pictures lately. We have had some camera craziness. Anyway I made a point of really photo documenting our night out at the park on Thursday. Here is your long awaited Sora cuteness fix. I know you all have been in need of her cute face.

Here is Grandma Pullar's favorite pose, the squatting baby. In the one above this sentence I think she looks like her cousin Kylie.

She is developing into a complex little girl with so many different facial expressions. She still is not talking a ton but she communicates so much with her face and body language. I think she may have a career as a famous physical comedian.

This last one is probably the best picture of Sora's personality we have ever taken. This just grabs me as pure her. She is a wonderful little kid who loves to play and run and climb and be generally a little huricane. She seems more and more like me everyday. She has no attention span and wants to try every possible experience around her. She is as stubborn as me and Maleah put together. She is at the same moment passionately independent and desperately needy.

Thank you all for being a part of the team mcpherson adventure.


Sunday, August 1, 2010

Blueberry Monster

Sora is in love with fruit. Really, she likes food in general, but fruit seems to be her favorite. She hasn't met a berry she didn't like, and she got to eat fresh pineapple for the first time this weekend and couldn't get enough. In our house, blueberries reign supreme and we've been working on keeping a constant frozen supply in the freezer.

I grew up across the street from a blueberry farm and am excited to take Sora there later this summer. Today I decided that I couldn't wait until then to pick blueberries and convinced Sora and Kyle to go with me to Bellevue. We stopped at Kelsey Creek Farm first to see the animals (which Sora wasn't too interested in), eat some wild blackberries (which Sora was VERY interested in) and play at the park. After that, we headed to Larsen Lake to u-pick.

The season apparently hasn't really started there yet, but they let us try to pick some berries. Kyle carried the bucket, but since he's color blind he had a hard time distinguishing the ripe from almost-ripe berries and was reassigned to Sora duty. Sora freaking LOVED it! She couldn't get the berries in her mouth fast enough! We tried to teach her which ones to pick, but she got quite a few green ones in her mouth too. I tried to teach her the concept of the bucket too, but she had every berry in her mouth before I could get the word "bucket" out of mine. At $1.25/lb, we only ended up spending 68 cents, but it was a ton of fun.

I can't wait to go pick blueberries when they are actually in season and we can enjoy our hard work at home (in the freezer) all year long!