Tuesday, August 17, 2010

18 Months

Sora is already 18 months! I can't believe a year and a half have already gone by! We took her in for her check up last week, and she weighed 21 lbs 9 oz. (15th %) and is 31" tall (50%). She's been skinny and average height for the past year or so, so this was nothing new. The doctor said she was very healthy and Sora didn't even cry when she got her vaccination! She doesn't need any more shots until Kindergarden, so that's great news for everyone.

Here is what she has been up to lately:
  • She loves to eat! You wouldn't know it by how skinny she is, but she can really pack away food. Her favorite food involves berries, meat, snap peas off the vine, cereal, and pasta. She will eat almost anything but is not a fan of leafy greens quite yet.
  • She loves to play. She is starting to pretend more and more and likes to play with people more than toys. At home, she is exploring the world of things with holes - we have 3 different toys that "stack" on sticks and she loves trying to figure out how it works. At the park, she loves the swing, but also really likes to slide.
  • This kid shows no fear! She is constantly being a dare devil and Kyle and I are trying to teach her appropriate boundaries. I just read an article about climbing trees and letting kids take age appropriate risks, so I am trying to figure out what that looks like for Sora instead of constantly saying no as a knee-jerk reaction.
  • Sora is super funny and is a little mimic. Yesterday she was dumping her O's all over the floor and I was showing her that we could pick them up and eat them. I was doing it with my mouth, and making funny noises. Today, she dumped raisins all over the floor (yes, there is a pattern apparently) and later I saw her picking them up with her mouth and making funny noises.
  • Sora is a sweet, adorable kid. She likes to give hugs and kisses, and now says bye and waves. She loves skyping with grandparents and always gives kisses before saying goodbye.
  • For a not-so-verbal kid, she is finally talking a lot. Most of it is still not quite English, but she has her own sentences and conversations now. She understands most directions, and when you ask her if it's bath time or bed time, she usually runs over to the bathtub or the bedroom. She is saying "up", "mommy" (which she calls everyone), "abby" (mimi's dog), "abba" (food), "oppi" (water), "out", "eye", "nose", "shoe", "spoon" (which sounds suspiciously like shoe), "book", and hi and bye. She's also a pointing machine and she is starting to have a long-term memory. She keeps pointing to where the Honey Nut O's should be (which we don't buy anymore because she is a fiend) and is upset when we don't give her any.
  • She is a ton of fun, and loves adventures, Sarah (Mimi's 8 year old granddaughter), Mimi, all of her grandparents, and of course Kyle and I. She is starting to really remember people that she doesn't see every day (like her grandparents) and she is starting to really interact with other kids. She is an amazing kid and I love watching her learn and play and grow!

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