Sunday, August 1, 2010

Blueberry Monster

Sora is in love with fruit. Really, she likes food in general, but fruit seems to be her favorite. She hasn't met a berry she didn't like, and she got to eat fresh pineapple for the first time this weekend and couldn't get enough. In our house, blueberries reign supreme and we've been working on keeping a constant frozen supply in the freezer.

I grew up across the street from a blueberry farm and am excited to take Sora there later this summer. Today I decided that I couldn't wait until then to pick blueberries and convinced Sora and Kyle to go with me to Bellevue. We stopped at Kelsey Creek Farm first to see the animals (which Sora wasn't too interested in), eat some wild blackberries (which Sora was VERY interested in) and play at the park. After that, we headed to Larsen Lake to u-pick.

The season apparently hasn't really started there yet, but they let us try to pick some berries. Kyle carried the bucket, but since he's color blind he had a hard time distinguishing the ripe from almost-ripe berries and was reassigned to Sora duty. Sora freaking LOVED it! She couldn't get the berries in her mouth fast enough! We tried to teach her which ones to pick, but she got quite a few green ones in her mouth too. I tried to teach her the concept of the bucket too, but she had every berry in her mouth before I could get the word "bucket" out of mine. At $1.25/lb, we only ended up spending 68 cents, but it was a ton of fun.

I can't wait to go pick blueberries when they are actually in season and we can enjoy our hard work at home (in the freezer) all year long!


Anonymous said...

What not pictures?

Kyle said...

I know, it's disappointing, but our camera battery was dead and now our camera is MIA. The public has spoken - we will try to get more pictures soon!