Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Park Rituals

Lately, Kyle has been working on Tuesday evenings. Sora and I have been creating a ritual of going to the nearby park on these nights.

She's very familiar with the park. We go to the library first, which is right next door, but she knows right where the park is and points at it as we stroll by. When it's time to go to the park, she gets super excited!
She loves most things at the park. She really likes the swings and some of the other random structures. She plays on the faux merry go round and the faux teeter totter as well.

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But one of her true loves is the slide. She's not afraid of anything and will head down the slide without sitting first. Last night, she went down the slide 10 times in a row!
And yes, this was a shameless post to show off the outfit I made her this week. It's one she can grow into, and I'm very proud of how well the top and skirt match! The shirt was from an old work t-shirt that I repurposed and the skirt is brand new just for her! I still need to fancify the top, but other than that, it's a super cute outfit!

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