Friday, August 6, 2010


So this blog has been sorely lacking in good pictures lately. We have had some camera craziness. Anyway I made a point of really photo documenting our night out at the park on Thursday. Here is your long awaited Sora cuteness fix. I know you all have been in need of her cute face.

Here is Grandma Pullar's favorite pose, the squatting baby. In the one above this sentence I think she looks like her cousin Kylie.

She is developing into a complex little girl with so many different facial expressions. She still is not talking a ton but she communicates so much with her face and body language. I think she may have a career as a famous physical comedian.

This last one is probably the best picture of Sora's personality we have ever taken. This just grabs me as pure her. She is a wonderful little kid who loves to play and run and climb and be generally a little huricane. She seems more and more like me everyday. She has no attention span and wants to try every possible experience around her. She is as stubborn as me and Maleah put together. She is at the same moment passionately independent and desperately needy.

Thank you all for being a part of the team mcpherson adventure.



Lori said...

Great pictures!

Grandma Pullar said...

Love the baby squat & in that picture she does resemble Kylie. Some really cute pics!