Sunday, September 26, 2010

Afternoon Walk

So this was are first weekend together in Wisconsin. The weather was fantastic and Sora has been a ton of fun. She is really enjoying having such a huge forest to play in. Here are some fun pictures from our afternoon walk.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Exploring N.E.W. Territory

So the whole Team McPherson had our first day with no work or other obligations to spend the day together exploring "up north"of Wisconsin. We have learned that up north or north woods is where we live. We had a fun day driving around to fall festivals and piggly wiggly grocery stores. Sora had a fun day and we tried to meet some kids but did no have any good luck. The leaves are changing and the woods are starting to look real pretty.
Cider festival at a local library. It was really fun and had puppets and toys that allowed Sora to build her own pretend sandwich. It was in Maleah's new favorite town of Gillet.

We made our first trip to Lake Michigan via Oconto City Park.
We went to a place we had driven by before called Meatski's. It is a local butcher shop that makes it's own brats. We have learned that brats are a big deal in Wisconsin and these are really good. They are also a place that specializes in butchering whole deer that are brought in. This area is a big hunting area so Meatski's is popular because of it.
Everything in northern Wisconsin seems to be at least two types of businesses. Meatski's is also a gas station. Go figure. We have seen a gas station that is also a bank and a clinic that was also a bank. I am looking for a fast food place that is also a morgue. I figure it makes sense and can only be so long before I find it.
Sora has been loving her new bathtub. The water pressure is great and fills up the tub super fast. Sora is on her second night of sleeping in her own bed and she went to sleep very easily tonight.
This is a video of about a third of our driveway. This is the amazingly gorgeous drive from our camp out to the main road.

Friday, September 24, 2010

A Mom's Perspective

It has been a long crazy 10 days! Sora had mixed reactions to moving out of our house. She liked getting to see all the grandparents and friends and got good at saying goodbye.
We moved out of our house on Thursday morning, and my mom came down to get us so we could spend a few days with her before Sora and I flew out to see our new home. It was great to relax and spend some time with my parents and some old friends, but it didn't help Sora's already-mixed up schedule.
My dad drove us to the airport Sunday morning. I had a bag packed full of wrapped toys for Sora's entertainment and a map of each airport we were stopping at with the play areas clearly marked. She loved playing at Seatac before we had to leave to Spokane, then Minneapolis, then Green Bay.
On one of three flights, we had a whole row of seats to our selves. Sora was actually the most squirmy on this flight. The other two, she calmly sat on my lap and happily played or slept.
So far, Sora has had a slow but happy transition to life in Wisconsin. We bought a car the first day we got here, which was a very long day for Sora. On her first time being awake in our new home, she went from the bookcase to her little chair to her toys crying. She has been happier since and loves being at home with me, but she is turning into even more of a mama's girl! She is still transitioning to the time zone, and tonight is our first attempt at her sleeping in her own room which is having some mixed results.
Sora has had a language explosion in the past week. Her newest word is "water", but she is also saying "nannie" for banana, "down", "bath" and more! It has been wet and windy the past two days, but we have enjoyed exploring camp and nearby towns. We have already been to 4 libraries in my attempts to determine our new hot spot. When I was a toddler, my mom and I read through the entire children's library collection in my hometown, so I have quite a task in front of me! Luckily the libraries nearby are super tiny, but Sora isn't interested in listening to full books yet, so she needs to get with the program if we want to finish our task before she goes off to school!

Sora Fix

Here are some great pics of Sora's first day in Green Bay. She is talking all the time now and has added many new words to her vocabulary. We are having a great time exploring and she got to play with my bosses kids and had a great time being the new camp kid.

So I am sure you have all been desperatley awaiting your Sora fix latley. Here are some great pics from her first time in Green Bay during the day.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Our new head quarters

Well I do not have any pictures of Sora ready to share but they will be coming soon. We will have internet at the house on Friday(yeah). Here are a few great pics taken by poppa Barneycastle. The first one is our back yard.


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

We have Arrived

Hello all. I know we have not been updating much. We at Team McPherson have arrived at the new Wisconsin headquarters. We are still working on getting our set up and we will post pictures soon. Thank you all for helping.


Monday, September 13, 2010

Entertaining Sora

As Kyle and I get ready for our big move, Sora continues with life as usual. I think she has noticed that all of her toys are gone, but she's found new things to play with and doesn't seem too upset.

This weekend, we tried to cram in a lot of packing and visiting. I'm sure she didn't really understand how long the good byes were for, but happily said them anyway. Yesterday, which happened to be Grandparents Day, Sora got to see 4 of her 6 grandparents in person, and 2 via Skype. Good timing!
Grandma Debi and Papa Kelly brought Sora her first CWU gear. They are doing well in Football this year, so Sora is happy to represent. They also did a great job distracting her yesterday while we got a lot done around the house!

Sora has finally conquered her fear of her arch nemesis, the vacuum cleaner. She's been "helping" me sweep for a while now and can add vacuuming to her list of chores as well!

We had a small BBQ on Saturday to say goodbye to some friends. Of course, Sora was very interested in playing Bocce ball with her daddy.
I think this is the sweetest photo from the weekend! Kyle's colleague Bill and wife Linda brought his almost-3 year old daughter Kaylie. She played so well with Sora! She was patient and let Sora take more than her fair share of turns - perfect traits in a soon-to-be big sister! Thanks again Kaylie for keeping Sora entertained!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

19 Months

In the midst of our packing and moving frenzy, we haven't taken many photos lately. We have a busy weekend planned, with some great photo ops, so there will be more soon, but I just realized I let Sora's 19 mo. "birthday" slip by without commemorating.

As Sora gets older, each month seems to blur together, and when I sit down and think what she did new this month, it becomes harder to remember. Of course, she is adding new words to her vocabulary on a weekly basis. Her newest words include "box", "dip", "boom", and "uh-oh". She knows most of her body parts and loves pointing them out to you (and pointing yours out as well). Although, of course, she does nothing on command.

She's snugly and sweet, and funny, and above all, a performer. I've said it before, but I still think she has a long career ahead of her as a physical comedienne. The next Molly Shannon (or Lucille Ball).

Sora's been pretty oblivious to the whole moving effort, but that will change soon. We are boxing up all the toys this weekend, and are moving out on Thursday. We are worried about how she will handle being in a new space, but I am hoping that with so much more family time (and mommy time specifically), she'll be happy.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Fatherhood Never Stops Rocking Part 558

So as we are busy loading up the Team McPherson trailers for our big relocation Sora is living her life unaware. I do worry a bit about how she will deal with the shock of a new home. Right now she is a super happy kid who is so busy all of the time. She is running and climbing and talking and most of all laughing. Here are some of her favorite activities.