Saturday, September 11, 2010

19 Months

In the midst of our packing and moving frenzy, we haven't taken many photos lately. We have a busy weekend planned, with some great photo ops, so there will be more soon, but I just realized I let Sora's 19 mo. "birthday" slip by without commemorating.

As Sora gets older, each month seems to blur together, and when I sit down and think what she did new this month, it becomes harder to remember. Of course, she is adding new words to her vocabulary on a weekly basis. Her newest words include "box", "dip", "boom", and "uh-oh". She knows most of her body parts and loves pointing them out to you (and pointing yours out as well). Although, of course, she does nothing on command.

She's snugly and sweet, and funny, and above all, a performer. I've said it before, but I still think she has a long career ahead of her as a physical comedienne. The next Molly Shannon (or Lucille Ball).

Sora's been pretty oblivious to the whole moving effort, but that will change soon. We are boxing up all the toys this weekend, and are moving out on Thursday. We are worried about how she will handle being in a new space, but I am hoping that with so much more family time (and mommy time specifically), she'll be happy.

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Amy & Mark said...

Oh gosh, I think she will adapt perfectly. Wherever you are is her safety zone, so home is home no matter how many times you move. Plus she is young and can take change easier than us old folk!