Monday, September 13, 2010

Entertaining Sora

As Kyle and I get ready for our big move, Sora continues with life as usual. I think she has noticed that all of her toys are gone, but she's found new things to play with and doesn't seem too upset.

This weekend, we tried to cram in a lot of packing and visiting. I'm sure she didn't really understand how long the good byes were for, but happily said them anyway. Yesterday, which happened to be Grandparents Day, Sora got to see 4 of her 6 grandparents in person, and 2 via Skype. Good timing!
Grandma Debi and Papa Kelly brought Sora her first CWU gear. They are doing well in Football this year, so Sora is happy to represent. They also did a great job distracting her yesterday while we got a lot done around the house!

Sora has finally conquered her fear of her arch nemesis, the vacuum cleaner. She's been "helping" me sweep for a while now and can add vacuuming to her list of chores as well!

We had a small BBQ on Saturday to say goodbye to some friends. Of course, Sora was very interested in playing Bocce ball with her daddy.
I think this is the sweetest photo from the weekend! Kyle's colleague Bill and wife Linda brought his almost-3 year old daughter Kaylie. She played so well with Sora! She was patient and let Sora take more than her fair share of turns - perfect traits in a soon-to-be big sister! Thanks again Kaylie for keeping Sora entertained!

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