Saturday, September 25, 2010

Exploring N.E.W. Territory

So the whole Team McPherson had our first day with no work or other obligations to spend the day together exploring "up north"of Wisconsin. We have learned that up north or north woods is where we live. We had a fun day driving around to fall festivals and piggly wiggly grocery stores. Sora had a fun day and we tried to meet some kids but did no have any good luck. The leaves are changing and the woods are starting to look real pretty.
Cider festival at a local library. It was really fun and had puppets and toys that allowed Sora to build her own pretend sandwich. It was in Maleah's new favorite town of Gillet.

We made our first trip to Lake Michigan via Oconto City Park.
We went to a place we had driven by before called Meatski's. It is a local butcher shop that makes it's own brats. We have learned that brats are a big deal in Wisconsin and these are really good. They are also a place that specializes in butchering whole deer that are brought in. This area is a big hunting area so Meatski's is popular because of it.
Everything in northern Wisconsin seems to be at least two types of businesses. Meatski's is also a gas station. Go figure. We have seen a gas station that is also a bank and a clinic that was also a bank. I am looking for a fast food place that is also a morgue. I figure it makes sense and can only be so long before I find it.
Sora has been loving her new bathtub. The water pressure is great and fills up the tub super fast. Sora is on her second night of sleeping in her own bed and she went to sleep very easily tonight.
This is a video of about a third of our driveway. This is the amazingly gorgeous drive from our camp out to the main road.

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