Friday, October 8, 2010

20 Months

Sora is 20 months old. This has been a busy month for her. A lot of changes have taken place:
  • We moved across the country.
  • Sora started sleeping in her own bed (and no longer night nursing).
  • She gets to spend all day with me, which also means her daily routine has completely changed, and she no longer gets to see her best friend Sarah and Mimi (although she loves skyping with them).
  • Sora has had a word explosion! She now says dozen of words including "ight" (light), bath, "wa-wa" (water), "way-way" (wagon), "gee" (hungry), "iss room" (this room), beep-beep, up, down, shoe (meaning foot, sock, or shoe), "no" (nose), no, eye, ball, "ump" (jump), cheese, baby, Sora, mommy, daddy. Just to name a few.
  • She can run and scream, and chase you, and be chased, and find you when you play hide and seek. Sora loves playing in her playroom, and loves being pushed on her train (she points at it and says beep-beep, meaning push me please).
  • She loves to eat and gobbles up almost anything that we put in front of her. Her favorites are cheese, bread, and blueberries. She eats eggs almost every morning and gobbles them up.
  • Sora loves being a camp kid. She's really into twigs and leaves right now, so it would seem that fall might be her favorite season!
  • She is finally growing into her 18-24 mo. clothing and size 5 shoes (although 12-18 mo. and size 4 still fit okay)
  • Sora has made some new friends at her play groups and is amazingly good at following directions for the most part (like "put that back").
One of the things that remains a constant in Sora's life: she is still the most amazing, fun, sweet baby we know, and we love her very much.

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