Monday, October 4, 2010

The many faces of a wisconsonite

Sora is getting more and more complex. We are starting to see the many sides of personalty. She can be very stubborn and playful all in one minute. She s settling in as the queen of camp. All of the staff are totally wrapped around her finger. It is starting to get chilly n the mornings but the days have been amazingly sunny and warm. So far this Wisconsin thing is pretty great for the kiddo.
This is the swing outside of Kyle's office. Sora is getting more comfortable with swinging.
Helping dad cheer for the Seahawks and trying to make him feel better when they lost.
We have been taking some great nature walks and Sora loves leaves.
This chair is made out of old cross country skis. It is in our back yard.
A kid has to have a good old fashioned walking stick.
She has her purse and her cell phone(fan remote) and is ready to roll.
Bad hair day does not even begin to explain it.

Sora at her first Green Bay Farmers Market. She insisted on having her own shopping bag.
Almost napping in the new car. She seems to be a big fan of the Jeep.

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