Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Play Group

Sora and I have started to create a daily routine. It has worked wonders for her bedtime! Around 6:00, Sora wakes up and comes into our room for some morning snuggles. At 7, she's up for the day and plays in "iss room" (this room?) in her jammies with me. Then we eat breakfast and have some out of the house adventure. Two days a week, this adventure is play group. More on that later. After our adventure, Sora takes a nap, then we spend the afternoon playing at home or outside before dinner. After dinner, we read some books, then at 7:30, we pick up the toys and books, Sora takes a bath, then she goes to bed (pretty quickly actually). Of course, she wakes up 2-3 times at night saying "mommy?", and I go sit in her room until she goes back to sleep. Then, 6:00 comes around and we start the whole day over.

Back to play group. So, the county extension office has a play group program once a week in 4 different areas around the county. It's free for kids 0-5, and their caregivers. We live within an okay driving distance to 2, so we've been to both for two weeks. It is such a great resource - I don't remember anything like this in Seattle (although I was working so I couldn't have participated anyway). One is at the library in a town about 15 minutes away, and the other is in an elementary school about 30 minutes away. Both have a room dedicated to the kids that is safe with a bunch of random toys for all ages, with a bunch of moms, dads, and grandmas (mostly moms of course) sitting around chatting while all the kids play. So far, we've seen 6-12 kids at each play date.

Our first week, we stumbled into an apple picking excursion, but I didn't realize it was coming, so I didn't bring my camera (or appropriate clothing for the weather, but we didn't let that stop us)! Sora loved picking apples and eating them whole. I tried to de-seed them before she got too far! The next day at play group, a mom made apple crisp from the apples and Sora got to taste it (but I ate most of it - she was more interested in the goldfish crackers for snack time). She also made a finger painted apple tree, but really hated having all that paint on her hands.

This week, we had a regular play group yesterday, and today's play group went to the nearby pumpkin patch. I'm sure not every week will have an exciting excursion, but it was a lot of fun!

Sora loved riding on the train. Every time it circled by us parents, she would wave and grin and say hi. More surprisingly, she didn't try to climb out once while in motion (we are working on this concept while riding the wagon).
We also went on a hay ride around the corn and through the forest. The corn field and forest were "haunted" with people wearing various masks, but since the kids were so little, they just popped out and waved. Sora didn't even notice them. This is probably the only time while on this ride that Sora was actually sitting down. There's another kid a few months younger than Sora that has been at all the play groups that we sat next to, and the two of them spent the ride giving and taking leaves and straw from each other.
Sora was excited to ride in the wagon to pick out her own pumpkin.
No trip to the pumpkin patch would be complete without a petting zoo. Here she is looking very leery of a kitten. She did pet a very large dog (my mother in law would be so proud) who was not part of the "petting zoo". He was a golden retriever who was very mild mannered.
And for good measure, here is a picture of Sora playing at home during our down time. Thanks for the little people mom! And yes, this picture is really just in here to show off her cute outfit. I was very proud. Now that I found play group, I have someone to impress with my cute, trendy urban wear!

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