Monday, November 15, 2010

Ad: Shutterfly Promo

This year, with our new Wisconsin-sized budget, I was contemplating cutting down our Christmas Card list. Luckily for most of our readers, I am an avid fan of Four Ring Circus, and found out about a great deal on Shutterfly cards, so the list is back on!

I had already decided on giving some gifts from Shutterfly this year, but don't want to give away my entire secretive plan. I'll just say that I am still loving the calendar I got last year from my in-laws with funny pictures of Sora. We also bought a personalized photo mug before we left WA for Mimi, the woman who watched Sora while we were at work, and she comments on it every time we talk to her!

But, back to the cards! Thanks to Jeanette (who is definitely staying on my Christmas card list!) and Shutterfly, not only will I be able to send out cards this year, I will get to spend hours picking the perfect picture and design. My mom always sent out a lengthy letter each year and spent hours perfecting each line. Although I don't have that much time, and with one kid, there isn't quite that much to say, I do love to send a good Christmas card. I've always loved a year in review type card, and this year we have a lot to review! This is an example, but it will take a while to find the perfect one!

Look forward to seeing what we chose (and seeing if one of the Shutterfly gifts is for you!) later this holiday season.


Jeannette said...

The promo code is good for the cards that let you type a ton on the card. I wrote a crazy long message, probably a little too long.

Also, they let you double up on the codes so you can either get free shipping or 5 more cards free.

Hey and thanks for the free code code. That's tonight's project :)

berrymama said...

Hope to be on your list!! Always fun to read your blog and see how you are doing!! Glad you like it there!! OK--send me the codes!! Kids are coming for Christmas Nov 28-then I'll deal with cards!! Andrea is 8months prego and doesn't want to travel in December-so we are celebrating early this year! Take care-Barb