Thursday, November 25, 2010

First Annual Thanksgiving Walk

I have been waiting and waiting for snow, and I finally got to introduce Sora to it this morning on our first annual thanksgiving day walk! Kyle and I are excited to start some of our own family traditions now that we're so far from family and now that Sora's old enough to kind of participate in things.

We went on a walk around camp this morning to see the slushy lake and to see all the snow.

Kyle and I took turns pulling Sora around on the sled and she loved it! We had a hard time getting her to come inside after we got too cold. We also were on the look out for the perfect Christmas tree. The evergreens at camp are a little on the Charlie Brown side, but I'm too cheap to buy one, so there will just be fewer needles to sweep up!

More on our other Thanksgiving Day traditions later!

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