Thursday, November 11, 2010

It's a good thing it was free...

Kyle had a training in the "big city" yesterday, so Sora and I thought it would be a great idea to explore the zoo. It's super cheap, but it happens to be free on Wednesday afternoons, which was even better! 

We started off with the monkeys, which were a big hit. After very little coaxing, Sora happily sat down mesmerized by the monkeys. I think she related to them.

That was about as exciting as it got. Next, we went to the giraffes. There was a platform where you could actually pet the giraffes' heads! Their heads are huge, which terrified Sora. So, I had to forgo what may have been my one and only chance to pet a giraffe.

Sora did tolerate the lions, even though they roared loudly (it may have been the thick glass separating them), and also enjoyed all the birds and the armadillo. Predictably, the giant tortoise and the petting zoo full of sheep, llamas, goats, and reindeer were also frightening.

She, of course, enjoyed the playground.
I'm not sure why there is a dinosaur on the playground instead of a more current animal...

The zoo experience ended with a massive hunger-induced tantrum which involved laying on the ground kicking and screaming (of course, as far as possible from the exit of the zoo). There was a no-food policy which I ignored (I wasn't going all the way back to the car to put back Sora's cheese stick!). I promised myself to keep it in the diaper bag. All was fine until Sora started exploring the bag and found her treats. Being told no, especially when she was already hungry, did not go over well. Lesson learned.

Thanks zoo. We'll be back for another free lesson on animal love (which felt like torture for Sora... hopefully next time she'll be less afraid of at least 1 animal!) on another free Wednesday afternoon.

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Lori said...

How funny - I don't think our zoo experiences could be more different! Both of my boys love the zoo. And you can feed the giraffes at Woodland Park and Andrew loved that too. I think he was around Sora's age when we did that. Well, hope your next free visit is a bit better. Oh wait, the no food thing is weird. That could be another reason why my boys like the zoo - we eat the whole time. :) At least she's a cute zoo hater. Good luck.