Friday, November 5, 2010

Just Like Mommy

Sora is a sweet little shadow. I would say lately, but I think this has always been the case. While she is a fun kiddo, it's hard to get things done sometimes because she wants my constant attention. She's pretty bossy for a kid with such a limited vocabulary! One of her favorite things to tell me is "down", meaning sit down and do what she's doing. I try to find ways for her to be involved in things like cooking and laundry, but it's not easy! Today, she helped me make banana bread and loved both baking as well as eating the bread.

Her favorite place to be is where she's not usually allowed. For example, she loves sitting on the counter, which she gets to do on rare occasion, and standing or sitting on the kitchen stool.  Tonight, I combined her love for the stool with her love of messes and water. First, she tried doing the dishes...

 "What? You want me to clean this?"

Okay - I didn't really force any child labor quite yet (although she does love to throw things in the garbage for me). I filled up the sink with water and let her play with some of the more exciting kitchen utensils, which she is fascinated with because she never gets to use them.

It was a big hit! I'll have to remember that little trick on a cold boring day later this winter!

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