Thursday, November 25, 2010

A meal fit for a King

It is very freeing to only have to cook for two adults and a toddler. For one I know what we like and don't have to worry about making things someone will not want. So I got to cook this thanksgiving meal with a bit of adventure mixed in with tradition. It came out amazingly. I really hit a home run for Sora with sweet potato biscuits and a turkey roulade (pictured above before it was carved) stuffed with sausage and sage and home made bread.  She loved everything and was a great eater.
Here is the whole amazing feast all together on our kitchen bar. We had sausage stuffing, sweet potato biscuits, bacon and caramelized onion green beans, cranberry sauce and gravy with our turkey. Mmmmm!
Rolling a turkey breast around the stuffing was fun new technique. It cooked perfectly and fast compared to a whole turkey.

For dessert we had a pumpkin cake roll. The filling was a cream cheese filling and wow it was wonderful. 

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