Sunday, November 21, 2010

Rainy Sunday

We are patiently waiting for the snow to fall. Today, we spent the day inside while it rained instead. We practiced keeping busy indoors, which will be a huge necessity for us this winter.

Sora is demanding "daulk" a lot lately. Kyle painted her table with chalk paint, but only recently have we actually bought chalk and used it. She loves it! She likes to have us draw food on it which she pretends to eat. She also likes to "lean" it with a wet cloth when we're all done. She demands it's "mommy's turn" to clean, and I get the stuff she leaves behind. Yes, she is super demanding lately. It's been exhausting, but very fun to see her personality blossom.
She also loves cooking! Here we are making "super cookies" from the book Feed Me, I'm Yours that my mom used when I was a baby. They're healthy-ish, so aren't as delicious as what I'm used to, but Sora doesn't know better and thinks they're "yum yum" and wants them "again".
Finally, to help unwind after a long day inside, here Kyle and Sora are reading One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish in front of the raging fire.
Overall, it was a good day indoors. Now if only we could get her to sleep better at night and get rid of this obnoxious noise coming from the basement, we'll all be well rested and have even more fun tomorrow!
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Anonymous said...

You should be here as have 2 inches of snow and expecting up to 7. Love Mom