Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Winter Wonderland

We had the first official snow of the season earlier this week. It was gone by morning, and didn't really pile up more than this:
 The lack of snow is really putting a cramp in my style! I want to ski and skate and sled and drink hot cocoa by my fire. Okay, I know I will have plenty of time for all of that, and it all probably sounds a lot more fun than it really will be.  What I really want is to get a good picture of Sora in the snow so I could finish my Christmas cards and other various Christmas gifts! I wanted to be done with all of the presents by Thanksgiving!  It looks like I will need to wait a while. I should be grateful, because once it finally comes, I hear it will stay for a VERY long time. I already have big plans of setting up an oasis in the basement, complete with a Hawaiian themed lounge area and a race track for Sora's toys.

Speaking of Sora, here's what she's been up to lately:

Yes, her doll is driving the car. It seems a little dangerous, but she likes to live life on the edge. She's been a TON of fun lately, as always. Her "needs" (mostly wants) are getting more important to her and we are having a lot of ups and downs throughout the day dealing with mini-tantrums and exiting times. My mom gave her a book for her stickers and now she is obsessed with putting stickers every where! She is also a huge fan of helping me bake. She is saying a new word literally every day, and she understands almost everything we say! For example, if we ask her to go in her room and get a bib or pants or coat or socks, she almost always comes back with the right thing. And when I say it's time to cook, she tries to drag over her cooking stool. She is a funny little girl with a lot of personality. I'm lucky that I get to see so much of it.


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