Tuesday, December 7, 2010

22 Months

This month has been huge for Sora! Her language explosion continues, still adding new words every day. She's also refining words that were a big stretch (like her word for "garbage" which is now easily recognizable). Sora is obsessed with animals and can name many zoo and farm animals and is working on animal sounds. Most names sound pretty good, but monkey sounds suspiciously like marmot if you ask me. For sounds, so far, she has baa, moo, roar, and "back back" like a duck down pat. 

She is also getting more polite. Kyle and I must be over-thankers because without any prodding from us, Sora has begun to say "Tank you daddy" and "Tank you mommy". It is freaking adorable. I am hoping that the same technique will work for please and you're welcome. We'll see.

This has been a month of verbs! Sora's favorite are cooking and running. Whenever we are in the kitchen, she gets excited and starts shouting "cooking" and grabs an apron for everyone. If she sees anyone running or walking fast, she yells "running, running".

She is a funny toddler who is starting to decide she is a little older and better at certain things (drinking from a cup and dressing herself namely) than she really is. She thinks that everything that gets lost is in the car (which must be an excuse I use too often). She is very picky about things being too hot (which apparently everything is) in food and her bath. Sora is still a great eater and eats a ton of food of a huge variety. It is rare to find something she doesn't like. Salad and leafy greens are out so far, and so is the curried cauliflower soup I made earlier this week.

She is doing a great job telling us when her diaper needs changed, so I'm sure that potty training won't be too far off. She is napping really well these days (1-2 hrs) in her own bed, but doesn't sleep through the night (a fact that I will be able to hold over her years).

I feel like this month I had a lot nicer things to say about Sora, so either the twos aren't as terrible, or we've adjusted a little more!

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