Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Dinner 2010

So just like Thanksgiving I was extremely excited to be creative and fun with the food this year. We started the day having whole wheat cinnamon roles for breakfast. Delicious and nutritious. Then after we were done opening presents and using skype to visit grandparents, cousins, uncles and aunts I went to work on dinner. So those of you who caught my post about Thanksgiving dinner know I did a stuffed turkey breast. I thought I would make it a theme this year. So I took a pork tenderloin and butterflied it out. Then I pounded to a half inch thickness. I stuffed it with a saute of caramelized onions and mushrooms and bacon. Then I rolled the whole business up and crusted it with a mixture of ground almonds, garlic, sea salt and bread crumbs(made from home made bread). Then baked it. It came out amazing.  
 Here it is resting before I slice it. It was hard to wait the ten minutes.

 Along with the pork I made a rye bread and sausage stuffing (again with homemade rye bread). Then I added green beans with onions and bacon and cinnamon and brown sugar. And pictured below in the front is the best dish possibly. I made a layered sweet potato and regular potato gratin with cream and cheese. It came out really nice. The whole meal was fantastic. Sora had a hard time waiting for dinner and had eaten some snacks before dinner so she did not eat a ton but she like everything, especially the green beans.

After Sora and Maleah took a nap we had dessert. This was something I was super happy with. It is dark chocolate and banana and almond bread pudding. It was so rich an amazing. It is so fun to cook for the holidays.


berrymama said...

Your dinner looks awesome!!I'm sure it tasted as great as it looked!! We had a wonderful dinner with your parents Maleah!! See you soon!

crawlcraft said...

wow. it looks very appetizing. which kind of kitchen style was that? happy new year.