Saturday, December 11, 2010

Christmas Tree

We had been planning on getting a tree tomorrow, but thanks to Winter Storm Aiden, Kyle had the day off, so we took full advantage! Last year we bought a tree from Ikea, which was the first tree we had ever had as adults. This year, we took tree hunting up a notch (and down about $15) and cut down a small tree nearby. We had already picked out the tree on a walk on Thanksgiving morning, so that saved us some time.
 It had been snowing all morning, so Kyle and I put on the snowshoes and Sora hopped in the sled.
 Here is proof that Kyle actually chopped down the tree. Even I was surprised.

 And here is Kyle sledding the tree home.

 It's a little funky shaped and a little Charlie Brown, but there weren't any better trees, and it was free.

Sora was in charge of her two owl ornaments (I made her one this year and one last year), as well as rearranging any of the ornaments she could reach. Luckily, we bought super cheap ornaments last year and none of them are breakable.
Sora is admiring her handy work. I tried to explain that she might be clumping her ornaments just a little bit and that she might want to spread them out, but she didn't really like that plan. Now let's see how many last until Christmas! And no, we won't have any presents until Christmas morning under the tree. I don't think any would survive until then!

On a sad note, Aiden means that a lot of things are cancelled (which surprises me - we live in Wisconsin - I didn't think that a foot of snow would phase people, but apparently I am wrong). We were excited to see Sora's reaction to Santa this afternoon, but we will have to wait until another time. She did get to meet a Santa mannequin at the supper club last night, and she seemed quite friendly to him, so hopefully when she does meet Santa, it will be a good experience.

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