Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Green Bay Adventures

We decided to celebrate Boxing Day with a trip to Green Bay. We like to take advantage of our YMCA membership whenever we're in town, so we started off swimming. Sora loves to swim, and we went to the most child-friendly pool of the 4 choices. She loves jumping in and the bucket of toys on the side. 

We also wanted to spend some Christmas gift money at Cook's Corner. While it claims to be the largest kitchen store, it was surprisingly not that large. We aren't really sure how the contest of Nation's Largest Kitchen store works, because we're not sure they should really win.
 Despite or lack of amazement, we did get the items we were looking for. I've become quite the baker while staying at home with Sora and my skills were being diminished without a sifter or a butter cutter, so now I have no excuse!
 Sora (in her super cute hat from Aunt Kami) had a long day! We also went to Target and a giant beer store that actually impressed Kyle - the first he's been to in Wisconsin!
 Our errands had us drive right next to Lambeau Field. Normally this isn't a problem - we have never been in any traffic at all in Green Bay so far (I don't think it exists, but we haven't been in all neighborhoods at all times of day, so I can't be positive). Of course, this time, we were driving through the area just before a big game! We tried to get some crowd pictures, but couldn't get the impressive tailgating shots we were looking for.
 Here is the field on game day.

After Sora's nap, she had fun playing with all of her new toys and being a crazy kiddo! She has had a LOT of ups and downs emotionally lately which just proves how much of a 2 year old she already is!

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