Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas from the Team

Our holidays this year were quiet, but still filled with wonder and excitement. When we woke up, Sora was excited to see our house was rearranged for prime present-opening comfort. Sora opened her presents while we skyped with my parents and Kyle's mom and her family. It was fun to see our nieces enjoy Christmas morning as well. Our niece Dylan (9 mo. older than Sora) wanted Santa to bring her a birthday cake, which he of course did. It was so cute to see how excited she was about this cake!
 Sora loved everything about the day, especially the new toys! Here she is showing off her new stroller and baby doll. The baby has a diaper which Sora is now obsessed with taking on and off (but mostly off, like her own diaper).
 She also got a new kitchen, which my mom scored from a garage sale for $5. I am so proud of this find (on her behalf). I had these big visions of making a play kitchen from an old night stand, but I had to buy a night stand, and it would have been more than this amazing already-made wooden kitchen!
 As expected, Sora also loved the food. Here she is enjoying the desert that daddy made.
 After our nap and desert, we took advantage of the nice weather and went for a walk. Sora and I stood on the ice for the first time! The ice on the lake is now 10" thick, so I felt pretty safe. It isn't smooth at all though, so I'm not sure how ice skating will work out. Hopefully the camp has some sort of Zamboni or something...
 The snow is still much too dry to make a snowman, much to Sora's dismay. Everything is "snowman" to Sora. When it's snowing, or she sees snow on the ground - even Santa is "snowman"! Although it's not the same, we've been trying to get her to enjoy snow angels instead. The dry snow is perfect for them!

She looks so little in Kyle's snow angel!

Hope your holidays were just as merry and bright!

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